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St. Boniface Music Director
Siesta Key Thursday, Oct. 1, 2015 5 years ago

New music director harmonizes with St. Boniface

Meet Mary Mozelle an accomplished pipe organist and the new music director for St. Boniface Episcopal church.
by: Amanda Morales Staff Writer

When she was 7, Mary Mozelle’s parents brought home a piano hoping either she or one of her two brothers would have interest in the instrument, but none of them did. The family decided to return the instrument to the store. There, Mozelle began playing around on a pipe organ.

It was an early start to the musical career for Mozelle, who became St. Boniface Episcopal Church’s full-time music director in June. Mozelle describes her love for the pipe organ.

“The sound is more like singing,”Mozellesaid.“The piano is percussive...but the pipe organ sound is created by wind going through a pipe kind of like a voice. I just love that sound.”

By age 11, Mozelle was proficient enough to play for the congregation at her church in Ridgeley, W.Va. She pursued a degree in music, and later, a career that would take her to venues such as the Washington National Cathedral and St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, where Princess Diana and Prince Charles wed. Mozelle considers the St. Paul’s performance a career highlight.

“It’s like climbing the highest mountains,” Mozelle said. “It was my highest mountain. If I never play another recital, after that, I’m good.”

Mozelle first arrived at St. Boniface Episcopal Church in November 2013 to assist with playing the organ. Under the direction of former Music Director Neil Page, Mozelle was promoted to assistant director in March 2014. Shortly after Page’s resignation in May, Mozelle became the full-time music director.

“There’s a long history of having great musicians,” Mozelle said of St. Boniface. “We’re trying to keep it that way.”


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