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East County Friday, Oct. 23, 2009 8 years ago

New MRI test saves one of Ranch's own


Lakewood Ranch Medical Center radiologists discovered breast cancer in one of the hospital's employees while setting up and make adjustments to the new MRI machine.

Hospital employees volunteered to have MRI scans done on everything from the brain and back to the stomach and breast. However, when radiologist Jeffrey Wasserman reviewed the breast MRI performed on Diane Thompson from the hospital's admitting department, it revealed cancer.

“You never expect a finding like that in a normal subject," Wasserman said. "When you see something like that you really don’t want to believe it, but of course you have to do the right thing.”


Thompson acted quickly and had a lumpectomy performed by Dr. Gary Bunch just two weeks ago. Thompson still has radiation therapy in store but returned to work Monday. Thompson says she’s a "lucky lady” having caught the cancer early. She will speak about her experience and the importance of regular screenings and mammography at the Night of Pink and White, which will be held Oct. 24 at the Polo Grill Fete Ballroom.


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