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Siesta Key Thursday, Jun. 7, 2012 5 years ago

My View: Clearing the decks

by: Jeffrey Weisman

Do little annoyances in your daily life bother you? They do me. Here are a few:

People driving and using cell phones
I’ve never seen a person texting while driving. But every other car has someone on a cell phone. The law hasn’t stopped these offenders. They always seem to have a distracted look in their eyes, as if not really driving. Scary – for us, for them, too.

Recently, I saw a fellow driving a stick-shift car, smoking a cigar, talking on his cell phone, eating a sandwich and occasionally drinking from a can of soda.

I poke fun; yet, these distracted and discourteous people represent a driving menace. God forbid vehicle manufacturers put fax machine in cars.

‘Did you find what you were looking for?’
We all know the cashiers at grocery stores mean well. But what is a shopper to do at the checkout counter when asked that question? Isn’t it too late? “No, I didn’t find the jarred pickles. Stop the line. Go to aisle 4. Midway down, left side, bottom shelf, green label.”

Those who missed something, who couldn’t find their item, should get a second chance. Pay for what you got. Push your cart to a safe place. Go with one of those service people standing in front to the aisle of your item. And then return and pay at the service desk.
Another way Publix can deliver.

Hair nets
Publix considers the shopper. No one wants to find a hair in their food. However, Publix mesh hairnets look unattractive, albeit serving a sanitary purpose.

What about something more fashionable? Publix, one of the best supermarket chains in America, has thought of everything else. Why not a white cap or a Publix green beret or a paper ersatz-sailor hat? It will do the same as the hairnet and look so much more stylish and appealing.

Bus stop schedules
Those of us not driving a car rely on the bus. But when is it coming? Few, if any, bus stops have a schedule posted on the pole or a map of where it’s going. People must stand out in the hot sun or the occasional rain waiting for the errant bus.

Wouldn’t you think a modern county like Sarasota would offer: 1. buses that keep to a schedule and 2. posted schedules and maps on the poles? Ridership will increase. Mr. SCAT, how about it? Thanks.

From Downy to Donuts
What happened to the Village Laundry? The Donut Shop doesn’t take up too much space. The sounds of the washers and dryers won’t hamper sales of donuts. What other business can occupy such a space and offer such a convenience? And how about that fabulous antique sign? A classic.

Don’t waste the sign. Perhaps a mainland laundry can create a drop-off/delivery service. Drop off your laundry between 4 and 6 p.m. today. Pick it up at the same time tomorrow. Keep Siesta Key clean!

Fresh bread
Remember the days when a loaf of fresh bread cost $1? Siesta Key demographics suggest you probably do.

Today, quality fresh bread costs $5 or more. Artisanal, craft, designer breads taste swell. But their high prices discourage frequent consumption. Reduced volume means higher cost. If fancy bakeries asked more reasonable prices, then a loaf of seven-grain, whole-wheat-sunflower-seed-semolina-rye would become a best seller.

Consider the Ooh La La French bakery in Gulf Gate. She sells the best baguettes in Sarasota for $2.25. The bakery sells out every day. Oh, if only the Key had a similar bakery treasure?

Do you park in the center of the lines? Most of us do. But some people miss the mark. They park too close to the line; sometimes their car extends over the line.

Oops. One can’t help but bang the offender’s door. Oh well, with our economic challenges, we can ensure that auto body shops have extra business.

Do you patronize the contract postal office in the Davidson Drug store?

One walks down the card aisle and waits at the end until the current patron leaves the window. It’s courteous to extend privacy; the person behind you will do the same.

Occasionally a non-thinking patron will stand right behind you. Forget privacy. If you lean your head back you might hit his/her nose.

Do you mind? Stand near the cards. Offer some privacy. Such courtesy will extend to you.

Well, that’s it for now. Do not think me cantankerous. These are just some occasional fretful moments. Tell me yours. Together we will save the world, or at least Siesta Key.

Jeffrey Weisman owned an advertising and marketing agency in New York City. In Sarasota, he creates fine-art photography and serves on the board of directors of Art Center Sarasota.

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