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East County Thursday, May. 7, 2009 8 years ago

Mothers: How do we love thee?


It truly is a shame that mothers get only one day to call their own. For most families, the mother is the cornerstone, the glue that keeps the unit together. She’s the house-cleaner, the chef and the schedule-keeper. She knows how to apply a Band-Aid perfectly, how to make it so the cookies are just soft enough in the center and when it’s OK to bend the rules just a bit.

In honor of all our East County moms, we visited several East County elementary and preschools to ask our kids one very important questions: “What do you love most about your mom?”
We hope you enjoy their answers, and from all of us at The East County Observer, we’d like to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day.

“She cares for me and stuff. She always make sure I’m safe, and she takes me to really cool places.”
— Sierra Camuto, Braden River Elementary

“She always cares for me, and she’ll do anything to help me.”
— Nicholas Peacock, Braden River Elementary

“She makes me cookies — chocolate chip.”
— Travis Ferrence, Gene Witt Elementary

“She takes care of me, and she gives me food.”
— Alex Ulrey, Gene Witt Elementary

“She takes me to the park, and I play on the swings and the slide.”
— Alayna Tabor, Gene Witt Elementary

“She tuck me in at bedtime, and she always gives me kisses.”
— Mikayla Desantis, Gullett Elementary

“She lets us watch TV when we’re about to go to sleep.”
— Teddy Moser, Gullett Elementary

“She makes me breakfast in bed — eggs and bacon.”
— Isabele Castro, Gullett Elementary

“She loves me, and she’s beautiful.”
— Riley Stewart, Gullett Elementary

“My mom is the best cook. I love to eat her pasta with meatloaf on it.”
— Darcey Bullas, Primrose School at Lakewood Ranch

“I love when my mom gives me a hug and kiss before I go to bed.”
— Jake Miele, Primrose School at Lakewood Ranch

“I love that my mom is a doctor because she makes people feel better with medicine.”
— Colin Stroble, Primrose School at Lakewood Ranch

“I love when my mom gives me lots of candy even though it’s not good for me.”
— Taylor Folkers , Primrose School at Lakewood Ranch

 “I love my mom because I like her. She takes me for walks and brings me to school. She takes me fishing.”
— Dante Talarico, Kiddie Academy

“She takes me to Disney. She makes me flowers. She likes to play on the computer with me.”
— Cole Rogers, Kiddie Academy

 “She takes me to Sea World. She takes me to a place that has computers and toys. We go for bike riding, but my dad is showing me how to ride with two wheels.”
— Monroe Schreiber, Kiddie Academy

“I like how she cares about the earth and she does everything she can to take care of me and my sisters. She lets us get a lot of pets because she knows that (we) love them. She helps me with my homework.”
— Valerie Super, McNeal Elementary

“She always picks me up early on Friday because I like to go home so I can spend time with my puppies.”
— Jaye Kendzior, Bashaw Elementary

“Her cooks for me and picks me us sometimes at Car Riders and her helps me pick up my room and her asks me to help her clean the dishes and I do.”
— Aly Wilson, Bashaw Elementary

“She kisses me and hugs me. I like it when she gives me chocolate kisses because they remind me of real kisses and they taste good, too.”
— Annabelle Martin, Willis Elementary

“She loves me, too. My mom comes to lunch.”
— Tyler Colditz, Willis Elementary

“I love playing with my mom with the toy dinosaurs.”
— Brooke Gillaspy, Goddard School

“I love when my mommy rocks me in the rocking chair.”
— Olivia Moss, Goddard School



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