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Cops Corner
East County Thursday, May 10, 2018 2 years ago

Mom vs. mom turns to threats

Cops corner
by: Jay Heater Managing Editor

April 27


State Road 70 East and Tara Boulevard, Bradenton

Road Rage: A woman came to the Sheriff's Office to report a case of road rage as she was leaving a local elementary school. The said she had pulled up to a stop sign and the woman in the vehicle in front of her was on the phone and not moving forward. The first woman honked her horn. The second woman rolled down her window and gestured in an inappropriate manner. The two women drove their cars onto State Road 70 going westbound. The first woman was in the left lane when the second woman pulled up alongside her and verbally threatened the first woman and her son. The first woman pulled out her phone and started to record the second woman's threats. The second woman told the first woman to pull over and fight with her. A deputy looked at the first woman's recording and noted that she continually pulled up alongside the second woman's car to encourage her to repeat her threats. The deputy noted the first woman never tried to stay away from the second woman's vehicle. The second woman was angry the other woman kept driving alongside her and she repeated her threats.

April 29


200 block of 141st Street Court, Northeast, Bradenton

Information only: An HOA board member reported that a woman put a post on a neighborhood website that her parents, who lived in the neighborhood, were being harassed by the HOA board. The woman posted her father's integrity had been questioned and that had stressed him out. The poster noted she lives out-of-state but was visiting the area. She said her father's health had been negatively affected by what she called "harassment." In the post, it said, "If this doesn't come to an end, believe me, I will make this end. This is not a threat, but a warning." The man who reported the issued said he never had met the poster or her parents. The information was documented.

May 1


8400 Lockwood Ridge Road, Bradenton

Information only: A man came to the Sheriff's Office to report that he was driving his 2014 Mazda westbound on University Parkway and as he approached Lockwood Ridge Road, he switched from the far right to the middle lane. Another car, a Hyundai, came up behind him flashing its lights. The man said the other driver, a senior man, pulled up beside him, and the man threw a golf ball at his car and then flashed what appeared to be a badge. The driver of the Hyundai then yelled "You're going to jail." The driver of the Hyundai then drove away. The man who made the report took the vehicle's license tag. The man was issued a case number.

May 2


17000 block of Hampton Falls Terrace, Bradenton

Information only: Deputies were called to the scene in reference to a problem between neighbors. A deputy spoke with a female homeowner who said she had received a package from a male neighbor, but refused to open it. The woman said she had been having ongoing issues with the man. The deputy found two previous case cards filled out by the woman complaining about her neighbor. The deputy took photos of the package, which stated it was from the neighbor. The deputy was unable to determine if the man actually had sent the package. The woman had a doorbell system that allows her to record who comes to the door and it was a FedEx delivery person the not her neighbor. The woman asked deputies if she could open the package and was told she could. Then she said she didn't want to open the package and would "throw it over the fence" into her neighbor's yard. Deputies advised the woman that probably wasn't the best decision. Deputies advised her to return the package to sender if she did not wish to have it in her residence. The woman was issued a case number. The deputy did not speak to the neighbor as previous reports he had been interviewed before as the dispute had been ongoing for more than a month.

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