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Join Emily Walsh as she reads today's headline news.
Longboat Key Thursday, Mar. 15, 2012 5 years ago

March 15: Daily Headlines Video


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+Taxpayers' bill Marina Jack case: $240,000
A lawsuit over Marina Jack's property-tax exemption in the city has cost both sides hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

+Sarasota County Commission hears more pleas for alcohol ban
Commissioners agreed to seek more roadway safety measures.

+Police increase patrols of Colony, Whitney Beach
Police Chief Al Hogle told officers to provide extra patrols at the Colony and Whitney Beach Plaza
after a string of vandalism and incidents was reported.

+Growth prompts plans to expand
The Humane Society of Lakewood Ranch is conducting a high-end raffle to raise funds.

+PHOTO GALLERY: Reptile Adventure
Children at Love Comes First Preschool learned about reptiles during a special presentation
by representatives of the Sarasota Jungle Gardens March 14.

+More county parks to permit dogs
The commission agreed with a recommendation to open up more of its county parks to dogs.

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