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Cops Corner
East County Thursday, Mar. 28, 2019 1 year ago

Man's wallet lifted at Bradenton convenience store

Interesting police reports in Lakewood Ranch, Bradenton.
by: Jay Heater Managing Editor

March 10


6400 block of State Road 64, Bradenton

Lost wallet: A man came to the Sheriff's Office to report he had left his wallet at the counter of a convenience store after he made a purchase. He went out to his car and realize he had left it on the counter. When he went back, it was gone. The man asked the clerk if he could look at the security cameras, but the clerk said only the store manager could show him the video and the store manager wasn't there. The clerk also said he didn't know when the manager might be back to the store. The man told deputies that along with his property, he had him mother-in-law's debit card in his wallet. The deputy asked to speak to the manager about seeing the security footage and was told the manager was not there.

March 17


4500 block of 53rd Avenue East, Bradenton

Retail theft: Security cameras captured two shoplifters at the self-checkout station of a department store. The suspects combined to ring up some items and not others. Together, they bagged all the items, failing to ring up 32 items valued at $122.22. Store security stopped the suspects as they left the store. The male subject ran out of the store and fled the scene, leaving behind his female partner. She then gave security the male's phone number, which security called. The male suspect then returned to the store. Both subjects were released at the scene on a Notice to Appear. Security gave Sheriff's Office deputies video of the incident. The video was placed into property and evidence.

March 18


8500 block of Cooper Creek Boulevard, Bradenton

Theft: A man went to the Sheriff's Office to report someone stole his wallet at a health club and then made a $213.95 purchase at a music store with his debit card. The victim had placed his gym bag, car keys and wallet into a secured locker. When he returned to his locker, he noticed the lock was missing and discovered his black leather bi-fold wallet had been stolen. He immediately checked his bank account and noticed a $213.95 charge at the music store at the UTC mall. He notified his bank and canceled his debit and credit cards. The wallet contained his Florida drivers license, a concealed carry license, his debit and credit card, his USF student ID, his health insurance card, and $400 in cash.

March 18


600 block of Planters Manor Way

Identity theft: A couple contacted the Sheriff's Office and reported they began to notice their home phone was not working property as they could make outgoing calls but they couldn't receive any. They contacted their service provider and learned someone had requested a cellphone with the victim's home phone number. Whomever opened the new accounted had their personal identification number. Eventually, they could even call out from their home phone. The couple began contacting their credit card companies, telling them their identity had been stolen. While contacting the credit card companies, they noticed their Visa card had been used at a grocery store with a charge of $416.25. They tried to use the card at the same store with a charge of $423.52, but it was declined.


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