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Cops Corner
East County Sunday, Oct. 15, 2017 2 years ago

Cops Corner: Man scammed in home theater system purchase

A round up of this week's most interesting police reports from Manatee County.
by: Jay Heater Managing Editor

Sept. 30


6900 block of 207th Street East

Identity theft: A man went to the Sheriff's Office after he found an unknown person used his personal information to apply for assistance with FEMA. The man received a letter from FEMA that contained a copy of the application with his personal information. The man said he never applied for  FEMA assistance.

Oct. 5


Suspicious incident: A deputy responded after a man called because another man approached him and attempted to sell him a home theater system. The man who was selling the system asked for $400, and the first man negotiated the deal down to $220, then went to the bank to get the salesman his money. The first man paid, then went home. When he started to unpack the item, he realized the system was missing an amplifier and all the necessary wiring. The man then Googled the item and could not find a similar system on the internet. He did more research and found many complaints over similar products that really didn't exist. None of the paperwork with the product had an address or phone number.

Oct. 6


600 block of 67th Street Circle East, Bradenton

A man solicited a woman on 14th Street West and took her back to his motel room. Eventually, he fell asleep while she was still present in the room. When he woke up, his wallet, cellphone and keys were gone and so was the woman. The total amount taken was $290.

Oct, 8


11000 block of State Road 64 East, Bradenton

Criminal mischief: Sheriff's Office deputies were dispatched after a man said he was attacked by a group of men who eventually stole his tools. Four unknown males were speeding down the highway when the man decided to follow them in an attempt to get their license number. The four suspects stopped, jumped out of their vehicle and then began to punch the man's truck and yell at him. The men left, but the man who was attacked saw their vehicle at a gas station and again pulled over. Again the suspects approached him, this time taking tools from the back of his truck. They again punched the man's truck before leaving. They made a hole in the man's tailgate, causing approximately $1,000 in damages.

Oct, 9


7900 block of Warwick Gardens Drive, Bradenton

Suspicious circumstances: A man contacted the Sheriff's Office because he believed the painters, pool workers, electricians and landscapers working at his home while he was gone had a party, consuming drinks and moving around the house and then taking some items. The resident was out of town since the hurricane.


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