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Cops Corner
East County Wednesday, Dec. 13, 2017 1 year ago

Cops Corner: Women reports severed Christmas lights

A round up of this week's most interesting police reports from Manatee County.
by: Jay Heater Managing Editor

Nov. 28


2800 59th Avenue Drive East, Bradenton

Grand theft: The Sheriff's Office was called after an unknown male broke into a baking company's break room and ran off with five bags of employees' possessions that were on a shelf. A deputy found that all the employees were in the warehouse at the time of the theft. A male was seen fleeing the area with all five bags. A short time later, all five bags were located in the bushes on the property minus the cash and jewelry in each. The victims were issued case numbers.

Dec. 3


Lorraine Road and State Road 70 East, Bradenton

Driving without a license, speeding: A Sheriff's Office deputy came up behind a van traveling at a high rate of speed, pacing the vehicle for several miles at 92 mph in a posted 60 mph speed zone. The deputy pulled the van over at Lorraine and State Road 70. The deputy identified the driver and found she had a suspended license since 2013 for a failure to comply with a traffic summons. She was issued a speeding citation and the deputy seized her Florida Driver's license.

Dec. 4


11155 Lost Creek Terrace, Bradenton

Suspicious circumstances: A Sheriff's Office deputy was called to an apartment complex's front desk because a woman had reported some strange occurrences in her apartment. She said someone had been in her apartment and had moved her possessions around. She also said the blinds on her windows had been tampered with. She also believed that hidden camers and microphones were placed in her unit and that someone had tapped her phones. The deputy reported those occurrences usually would be considered far-fetched, but the Sheriff's Office received a call six months earlier describing similar occurrences in the same apartment complex. The deputy said that the incident should be investigated further.

Dec. 4


2900 block of 53rd Avenue East, Bradenton

Information only: A Sheriff's Office deputy was summoned to a department store parking lot after reports of a fight. When he arrived, he spoke to a man who said his car was parked and rammed by the door of a woman who had parked next to him. The woman said she did not hit his door. The deputy observed a scuff mark on the man's car door. The doors on both cars were opened as far as they could go, and they didn't touch. A several-inch gap separated both doors. The man said he "thought" they had collided. The man said he still wanted a case number so he could issue it for repairs. Meanwhile, the woman's car was not registered and had a plate that didn't belong to it. The deputy seized the tag.

Dec. 6


6400 block of Golden Leaf Court, Bradenton

Criminal mischief: The Sheriff's Office was contacted when a woman found that her wires to three sets of her outdoor Christmas lights had been severed. The three sets were cut on different nights. The woman said she didn't know who would do that to her.

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