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Sarasota Friday, Jul. 24, 2009 8 years ago

Man on the street: In writing

by: Maggie Pahos

Question: “What is your favorite summer read?”

David Chaplin
 “‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,’ by Stieg Larsson. It’s the first book in a trilogy that hasn’t been entirely released yet.”

Jeremy Johnson

 “Anything by Bernard Cornwell or Patricia Cornwell. And a ‘Wild Bill’ Donovan biography.”

Andrew Hryniewicz
“The Travis McGee novels by John D. MacDonald.”

Kerri Fullerton
“‘Rule of the Bone,’ by Russell Banks.”

Art Grimwood
“‘A Power Stronger Than Itself,’ by George E. Lewis.”

Eileen Wallace
“‘Very Valentine,’ by Adriana Trigiani, if you want something hysterical, and ‘Saints at the River,’ by Ron Rash if you want something more serious. Also, ‘Beneath a Marble Sky,’ by John Shors.”


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