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Mary Forshay
Longboat Key Tuesday, Nov. 30, 2010 6 years ago

Man on the Street: Trolley Talk

by: Dora Walters Senior Editor

On Tuesday, we asked Longboaters: Have you ever taken the trolley on Longboat Key? Do you think the town should contribute funds to keep it going?

Mary Forshay
“I have not used it, but I do think I will take it sometime. Maybe during the holiday season to visit St. Armands and see the Christmas lights. “

Rita Barth
“I have used it many times. It’s a wonderful convenience when I am car-less. The availability of it has been a fabulous help. I’d hate to see it go. I do hope the town continues to support it.”

Sam Rabinowitz
“I have never used it as I have never had a need for it. This year we might take visiting friends on it for a fun trip. I would like to see the town continue to support it as I know it has to be a good thing for many on the Key who need this service.”

Sandy Watson
“I have never used it because I usually go in to Sarasota to play golf, and it just isn’t feasible for me. I do think the trolley is helpful to many who have no other means of transportation, and I would like to see the service continue.”

Joyce McKinney
“My friends and I have talked about taking the trolley, but we just haven’t done it yet. I think maybe we will do it this holiday season.”

Barbara MacLean
“I have been trying for sometime to get a group of friends together to ride the trolley. Not to go anyplace particular, but just for the fun of it. We can’t seem to get coordinated and we don’t know the time schedule for the trolley. Maybe I should check with Town Hall.”

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