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Longboat Key Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2009 8 years ago

Man on the street: Swine flu

by: Dora Walters Senior Editor

Question: What concerns do you have about swine flu? Do you plan on getting the H1N1 vaccine?

Dr. Pamela Letts

Centre Shops Family Practice & Urgent Care
“We have placed an order for 500 shots, but we have no idea when they will arrive. Not everyone will benefit from a swine flu shot. Adults over 60 have likely been exposed to a similar flu in 1967 and 1975.
Unless they have certain health conditions — and the criteria keep changing — such as diabetes, obesity, lung problems or chronic illness, they will not qualify. Also, if you get a regular flu shot it will carry some immunity against the swine flu. I assess my patients on an individual basis. At the moment, the focus seems to be on the 5 to 49 age group.“

George Abizaid
“I don’t have any real concerns. I think the media tends to exaggerate things just to keep themselves in the news. No shot for me.”

Julie Helfenstein

“My concern is that I don’t want to get it. I definitely will be looking to get a shot if I qualify.”

John Rozendaal

“I am quite concerned, but not for myself. My 8-year-old grandson, Lucas, who lives in McClain, Va., came down with it two days ago. Forty percent of the students in his school have it. His 10-year-old brother, Philip, came down with the regular flu last week. So far, both seem to be doing well. I don’t intend to check out a swine flu shot. The older I get, the more cautious I am about getting shots.”

David Norton

“I just arrived here two weeks on holiday from England. We hear very little about swine flu over there, so I am not concerned at all. I certainly am not interested in getting a shot.”

Penny Rosenthal

“I think we all need to be aware of it and take preventative measures. Things like carefully washing hands, avoiding crowds and avoiding close contact with individuals are all measures we need to take. I do intend to check with my doctor and take his advice on whether or not I should take the shot.”


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