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Longboat Key Friday, Oct. 16, 2009 10 years ago

Man on the street: Summer snapshots

by: Dora Walters Senior Editor

Question: What was the highlight of your summer?

Mason and Keegan Cardman

Mason Cardman, 4, and her sister, Keegan, 8, enjoyed spending time with their grandma and grandpa, Karen and Bill Cardman.
“We had tennis, golf and swimming lessons at the Longboat Key Club,” Mason said.
Keegan added: “And we saw a turtle nest.”
But, most of all, Mason loved, “swimming and the beach.”

Jeanine Stebbins

“It was watching my 16-month-old son, Trey, continue to learn. In sign language he was always asking for ‘more cookies,’ and he did learn how to say ‘thank you.’ He attends The Learning Chest in Sarasota.”

Tom Greeley
“Definitely the highlight of my summer was learning that I am going to become an uncle. My brother, Tim, and his wife, Lauren, are expecting their first baby, a girl, in January. I think they are going to name her Olivia.”

Mollie Dutton
“The highlight of my summer was the same as it has been every summer since the late 1950s — spending time at our cottage on Walloon Lake in northern Michigan. It is a wonderful place to relax with family.”

Alan Ackerman

“A lot of my friends went to Europe, China and world cruises, but I went to Hayes, Kansas, a little town in the middle of nowhere. I visited an old friend, Chap Rackaway, who is a professor at the university there. It was hotter than blazes and, fortunately, I only stayed three days.”

Paulus Egers
“I read a few more books, relaxed a bit, but, really, my summer or vacation time is here on Longboat Key. I am an interior architect from the Netherlands, and each year I visit and stay at our family condo. I am looking forward to a month here.”


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