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Longboat Key Thursday, Dec. 3, 2009 9 years ago

Man on the street: Shopping schedule

by: Dora Walters Senior Editor

Question: How do you plan your holiday shopping?

Terry Petesch
“I know exactly what I am getting on my Christmas list. When my godsons, Clay and Cole, were 5 years old, I gave each a $5 bill in a paper gift bag. The next year when they turned 6, I used the same paper bags and added a dollar each. When they turned 18, I added $100. This year, they turn 24 on Christmas Eve, the paper bags will contain $124. And I’m using the same paper bags.”

Sandy Drew
“I do my Christmas gifts all year long. I handcraft many of my gifts, especially needlepoint. I make Christmas stockings. This year I made a special pair for my son, David, and his new wife, Mary.

Octavia Cross
“I start my Christmas shopping for next year in January, as soon as this Christmas is over. I find out what people want and start looking immediately. I’m almost done with this year’s shopping right now except for just a few.”

Wendy McDonald
“I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to start yet. And I’ll do it all online. I just can’t stand to go shopping in crowds. I know I’ll be looking for an Xbox for my son, Joe. My daughter, Ella, wants a computer. That’s as far as I have gotten on a list.”

Emily Hamel
“ I think about my Christmas gift list all year. Once I decide, I usually go online. I find there are bargains, a variety of choices, usually no shipping and even gift-wrapping, if I choose. But, I still browse at local shops, and if I find something that someone on my gift list would like, I buy it.”


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