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Longboat Key Monday, May. 17, 2010 7 years ago

Man on the Street: Oil Spill

by: Maria Amodio Editor

Will the oil spill have a negative effect on Longboat businesses?

Stephanie Claussen
Steff’s Stuff, owner
“I think if it gets on our beaches that would be a huge problem for business. People come here for the beach, so if there’s oil on the beaches during season it would be horrible.”

Rick Obeid
Key T-Shirts, owner

“It all depends whether the oil comes ashore, but it could affect businesses even if it doesn’t reach us. People who aren't from around here hear about the oil spill and they think that its everywhere.”

Massimo Murri
Re Federico, owner

“I don’t think business will be affected right now, but maybe in the future. The problem is that people who aren’t familiar with the area hear about the oil spill and think that it’s everywhere, even if it hasn’t touched our beaches.”

Mahesh Mirchandani
Longboat Resort Wear, owner

“Definitely. This is something major and it’s having the same effect as hurricanes with scaring visitors away. The oil hasn’t even reached Florida but there’s been so much publicity about it that people are going to stay away. There should be more positive advertising and media to show that our beaches are not affected.”

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