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Longboat Key Monday, Apr. 19, 2010 7 years ago

Man on the Street: Oil Drilling

by: Dora Walters Senior Editor

Recently, President Barack Obama has suggested expanding oil drilling off shore. What is your opinion?

Rick Obeid
“I think there should be a lot more exploration of the idea before any decision is made. I think, too, we should put more effort into developing alternative energy.”

Bryan Stewart
“I’m not an Obama man. He has made a lot of bad decisions. I think expanding oil drilling in waters off shore is just one more bad decision.”

Jim McGuire
“I think I am a bit reluctant to drill in the Gulf. However, with modern technology it might be possible to do it safely. Then again, I would like some assurance that there is oil to be found if we drill.”

Dave Miller
“It’s an issue in which you have supporters on both sides. I might consider it if drilling is kept 150 miles off shore and all possible safety precautions are taken. We do need it. “

Shirley Beachum
“I am totally against any drilling for oil in the gulf. The pollution dangers, damage to the environment, I say no.”

Collette Lafuente
“I support it. We went through Katrina and there was no problem. I think drilling today is very safe and no danger to the environment. We got to try to develop our energy sources so we can stop having to rely on hostile nations for our oil.”

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