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Sarasota Wednesday, Mar. 31, 2010 10 years ago

MAN ON THE STREET: Easter EGGcitement

by: Loren Mayo and Maria Amodio

We asked people on Main Street about their favorite Easter traditions and memories.


Rachel Williams
What’s your favorite Easter memory?
“When I was little we used to dye Easter eggs and hide them in the yard. One year, we missed an egg, and a snake got it, so my dad went to war with the snake. He was out there with a garden hose and a spatula going to war with this little garden snake.”

Aaron Homan
What’s your favorite Easter memory?
“I remember going to church when I was little. One year my dad dressed me up in a suit, and I felt awesome because I got to dress like him. Then, I went Easter egg hunting and got grass stains all over it, and I was in really big trouble.”

John Michael Reutschle
What’s your favorite Easter candy?

Is Easter your favorite holiday?
“It’s my second favorite.”

Have you ever seen the Easter bunny?
“No, all I see are his eggs and his baskets!”

Kendall Terchek and her grandma, Pat Shutello
What’s your favorite Easter candy?
Kendall: “M&M’s.”
Shutello: “Jelly beans.”

What’s your favorite Easter tradition?
Kendall: “Searching for Easter eggs and Easter baskets.”
Shutello: “When my family comes down to visit me from New Jersey. We always have Sunday brunch with mimosas.”

Julian Goldhill
What’s your favorite Passover tradition?

“Every year we do spring cleaning to start over, but it's really fun. You have to rid the house of grains and wheat. We put the dishes that we’ve eaten them off of down in the basement and we have a separate set that we use. Then, we scatter some crumbs around the house and clean those up and burn them to symbolize a final cleaning. After that we don’t eat wheat or grains for eight days.”

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