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Amanda Baranowski
Sarasota Wednesday, Nov. 3, 2010 7 years ago

Man on the Street: Downtown Improvements

by: Rachel S. OHara Staff Photographer

What do you think of the Five Points roundabout in particular and the downtown improvements overall?

Amanda Baranowski, resident
“It kind of gives you that St. Armands feeling, but kind of downtown, so it gives it a little bit more of a personality as opposed to being downtown.”

Alfred Rose, resident
“At first I was skeptical, particularly about the roundabout here. But I do think it is working out very, very nicely. Architecturally, it looks wonderful ... I am also very happy to see the near completion of the new parking structure, which is desperately needed for downtown.”

Rebecca Donelson, resident
“I think the roundabout is very attractive. I just hope that people know how to use roundabouts and who has the right of way. That’s my only concern.”

Robert Blattberg, resident
“I think the new improvements are a major addition to downtown. Parking has always been an issue, and the idea of having a parking garage that is convenient … is a real plus. I think the roundabout will speed up the traffic.”

Pat Maki, works downtown at United Way
“The roundabout is beautiful. I think everyone is handling it very well considering it is new to them, but it does add something to this Five Points area.”

Becky Higgins, works downtown at United Way
“I think the roundabout is awesome. The traffic flow is completely different now … I specially hated it when you came up Main (Street), you could never get across, and now the flow is completely different.”

John-Norman Tuck, a barber downtown
“I think the roundabout is perfect. It makes our city more beautiful.”

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For a video of all the Man on the Street answers, scoll below.


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