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Sarasota Monday, Aug. 24, 2009 11 years ago

Man on the street: Back to School

by: Loren Mayo Black Tie Editor

On Monday, we asked Southside Elementary and Imagine School parents how they felt about sending off their little ones on the first day of school.

Debbie Schubring
“It seems like she just got here, but this is her last year of elementary school because she’s a fifth-grader this year. I love it here — Southside is a bubble, a special moment in time. I’m so sad about it I could cry!”

Jenni Hudson
“It’s a new chapter, but Southside is a great school. It’s hard to send them off.”

Brenda Michel

 “Entrusting your child to complete strangers in a new environment is stressful. There’s a new anxiety level and unease about everything, but we’re excited. I think she is ready for all of the new experiences she’ll have.”
Advice: “I told her to introduce herself to friends and to not be shy.”

Lisa Marx

“Avery was focused and ready to find a seat with her giant bag of school supplies. We even saw someone with a wheelbarrow of supplies! I’m sad summer is over because it was so much fun.”

Elena Giannini

“She’s a first-time kindergartner. It’s been tearful. She wanted to go to school on Saturday. She wanted to go on Sunday. I’m excited for her, but tearful.”

Giovana Teresi

“They wanted me to leave. Marcella is starting sixth grade and Massimo is in fifth. There were no tears — just me. Then I saw my niece, Sophia, going to kindergarten. She’s just a baby!”

Peggy Caruso

“I’m watching my son in gym class right now — he’s across the room — and he just waved. My kids are in second and fifth grade, so it wasn’t too bad. My daughter is excited and nervous. I think the second day is harder than the first because you’ve got to convince them to get out of bed!”

Rosanne Holton
“I made sure I had tissues to help with (the) BooHoo (breakfast). I’ll miss all of  our beach days and fishing, but we’re very excited about the new school.”

Kathryn Lehrman

“Am I sad? I am sad! I feel like the summers fly by. We only live four blocks away, but we had to drive because we had so much stuff. We’re excited for school and for the teachers.”

Carol Bond
“It’s a miracle we got Sabrina to school. She got so nervous last night and was crying, but her friends came over this morning and convinced her to get out of the car.”


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