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Arts and Entertainment Monday, Feb. 13, 2012 8 years ago

A Love Letter to Hive Creations

by: Amanda Landesberg

My dearest Hive Creations on Historic Bridge Street on beautiful Anna Maria Island in Florida,

Wow! That was a mouthful! But I feel it is important to say everything that is in our hearts as we take our love from cozy Bridge Street out into the openness of the internet for all of the Sarasota/Bradenton metro area and the rest of the world to see. What? You say I am exaggerating? Well, I guess calling Sarasota/Bradenton a metro area could be considered a bit on the exaggerated side, but it is the world to me---as well as where I first met your shop.

The first time I heard of your awesomeness we were separated by 3,026,812 feet and three state lines. My mom had come to visit me and brought some of your handmade candles as gifts for my roommates. I took one look at their beautifully-crafted hexagonal shape, their gray and tan colors; I sniffed the perfect vanilla scent and promptly stashed the candle meant for my out-of-town roommate in my own room and kept it forever (Sorry, Ashley; I totally owe you a Hive candle).

It was only a year later that I found myself living literally around the corner from you. I began thinking of you all the time---for birthday presents, house warming presents, hostess gifts, holiday gifts, damn-Amanda-you-worked-hard-for-a-few-hours-which-totally-justifies-buying-those-elaborate-sparkly-earrings-you’ve-been-coveting gifts. It must be a mixture of the unique handcrafted work you showcase from local, national and international artists mixed with the brightly colored, fun-loving, technically exquisite illustrations by your owner Justin Kingsley Noyes. And the other half of your ownership, Rachel Vanatta Noyes, makes the most beautiful jewelry with unique stones, masterful settings and designs that must come out of dreams, to fill the world (and your shop) with sparkles. Not to sound creepy or anything, but I found myself late at night peeking through your windows and plotting where I might hang Justin’s newest illustrations. I invented holidays for which I might receive a new piece of Rachel’s jewelry. I spent time imagining my home stocked with your handthrown pottery, enchanting artwork and tasty craft hot sauces.

What I have written so far might sound crazy; but instead of calling it crazy, I’m just going to call it love. Love for your magical atmosphere full of seagrape branches, sparkling gemstones and silver. Walking into your space is like entering a world that I am not creative enough to imagine on my own. I love the bath and body products, apparel, photography, tiki mugs, baby clothes and toys. I could continue to go on forever about your colors, your creativity and talent; but instead I am just going to say, “I heart you, Hive Creations.” And now I will leave it to the good people of the Sarasota/Bradenton metro area to grab their beach blankets and wallets (they will want both for this adventure) and take a stroll (or drive) to the beautiful beaches of Anna Maria Island and your magical slice of Bridge Street, where they can see the awesome and amazing Hive Creations for themselves.

To visit the Hive Creations in person: 119 Bridge Street, Bradenton Beach FL 34217

To visit the Hive Creations online:

If the Hive Creations sounds awesome and you want to be their friend on Facebook:

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