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Longboat Key Friday, Apr. 19, 2019 3 years ago

Letters to the editor: "I strongly agree that this is an appropriate time to benefit from some public input," vice mayor writes

Longboat readers sound off on key issues.
by: Guest Writer
Town Center input is appropriate

You had an article and an editorial with an online survey regarding  the proposed LBK Town Center in last week’s paper.

If we are about to embark on a multiyear fundraising program,  I strongly agree that this is an appropriate time to benefit from some public input.

  Your above-referenced survey attempts to do just that through six questions.  I believe it would be constructive and in the public’s best interest to reconsider questions 5 and 6 for the following reasons:

 The fifth question suggests the possibility of a bond issuance to be paid through townwide property taxes.  While you have a right to ask any questions you please, the public should not think that any such bond issue for this purpose has even been considered by the Town Commission.

  Question 6 contains factual errors that prevent meaningful public input.  

The only site under consideration for the Town Center is the approximate 5 acres south of the Northern Trust bank building, which less than 50% of the former Amore site.  The small library site is totally unsuitable.  

The purpose of the proposed Town Center is to provide a central location on our narrow 10-mile island with an open park-like area that offers interior and exterior activities that will attract people from all parts of LBK to come and get acquainted by spending time together enjoying common interests.

Based on prior experience on LBK, an art program or an education program might only operate successfully for about half the year.  

Therefore, I believe that a useful sixth question would be to ask the public to provide suggestions for additional indoor and outdoor activities that they would like to include in such a Town Center.

Ed Zunz

Vice Mayor, Longboat Key

Library site is not an option for center

I am shocked and disappointed that your opinion survey suggests that an option for the proposed arts and culture center be

to locate it at the site of the Longboat Library. 

The library has served for more than 50 years and continues to serve the needs of LBK residents year round and should not be disturbed.

The town bought the Amore property with a view to building there, and if we are to have a new center, it should go there.

Charles Resnick

Longboat Key

Have a great summer, full-timers

I just need to get a few things off my chest.

The Police Blotter:  People! The police, yes, are here to serve and protect, but they are not here to help you find your missing sunglasses, or to make you feel better because a person who doesn’t look like you is walking down the street, most likely on his way to or from a job. Just last week, I believe, there were three incidents of calling the police because someone was parked by the side of the road ... turns out he was conducting a cell-service survey for the town. Not everyone not like you is a scary human being, sometimes, just sometimes, they are doing a job. Think once, maybe twice before calling.

The traffic everyone complains about: Yes we all moan about this, but you know what would really help? If some of you actually drove the speed limit (in some areas 45) and not 10 below it.

You cause a lot of the traffic on island.

I, for one, welcome our new higher lighting pole overlords: We are not that “cute little precious village” that you all seem to think we are. We are residential first and foremost, and just need lighting that works — and gives us cell service. You may not care, but the kids you leave your home or condo with will. Trust me, they will never have even known the difference, and will thank you.

I wish you all a lovely summer. Praying for a red tide-free fall.

Kaye Lee

Longboat Key

Traffic is beginning to let up, finally

There is an old joke about a sophisticated city guy asking directions from a local yokel.

The country boy starts a set of directions off a couple of times, each time ending with a frustrated shake of his head, “No, no you can’t get there that way.”

Finally he tells the sophisticated traveler, “Well fella, you just can’t get there from here.”

It’s been like that for the last couple of months, for the last couple of years.

We don’t need to tell you that traffic leaving Longboat Key and particularly leaving the north end of the key gets to be absurd during the height of season. The journey across the bridge takes up to two hours some evenings.

During February and March we at the Bistro have had to tell our Longboat neighbors that you just can’t get here from there.

At least not until after 8 p.m. We have had to ask our Longboat patrons to refrain from making reservations with us until after 8.

We have missed you.

For over 30 years, we have shared your special days and family celebrations. Many of you have become more than just patrons, you have become friends.

We are relieved that finally the tide has somewhat turned again and the roadways have become relatively clearer.

Sean Murphy and Susan Timmins

Owners of the Beach Bistro

Thank you for the work you do

As I sat on my balcony having a coffee early Thursday morning (April 11) I watched as a worker drove her tractor methodically back and forth, raking the sand. When she got to the edge of the beach where there are tiki huts, she jumped down and hand raked all the places that were unreachable with the tractor. I just want to draw attention to someone doing an amazing job, going the extra mile and maintaining our beautiful beaches. Thank you for the work you do - it is greatly appreciated.

Tamara Wright

Longboat Key

Thank goodness it was April Fools

I was so relieved to read that your April 1 Observer was an April fools joke.
To think that we would hire “out of our own country” to do a environmentally  sensitive job like dredging sand was outrageous enough. Then reading that the contract was so poorly written, even after there was a verbal disagreement, my blood pressure started to rise even more. To top it off, the “Russians were not only steeling our sand but they sold it to the other coast.
I thought I was going to have a heart attack. The article then went on for the icing on the cake. The Sarasota residents were not only purchasing items specifically for the Russian thieves, they were welcoming them into their homes to stay. All this hospitality for ripping $2.1 million off of ALL of us.
You got me!

Barbara Jean


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