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Longboat Key Thursday, Jun. 13, 2019 1 year ago

Letters to the editor: Everyone should pay for canals

Longboat residents sound off on island topics.
by: Guest Writer
Everyone should pay to help canals

I read your opinion on canal dredging in the May 23 edition of Longboat Observer and could not help but notice that a suggestion has been made that the cost of the canal dredging be funded in some type of 80%-20% formula with majority, about 80% of the dredging cost be borne by the residents who own canal-front lots.

This would be extremely short-sighted and bad for the town morale.

While it is true that dredging the canals would benefit those who own and operate boats in the waterways surrounding Longboat Key the most, arguments can be made on behalf of those who may own canal-front property and yet do not own or operate any boat.

Why should they have to pay equally for something from which they cannot derive the maximum benefit?

Canals in this town, when kept in good condition, will benefit all residents by providing a healthy ecosystem and enhancing the natural beauty of this area.

The town does not levy additional taxes to those whose properties are adjacent to say a town park or a dock built with town resources.

The answer to your question of “Who pays to dredge the canals?” is simple: equally by everyone who lives here.

Gautam Ghosh

Longboat Key

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