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Longboat Key Wednesday, Feb. 6, 2013 4 years ago

Letters to the Editor


+ Pythons to rid Key of raccoons
Dear Editor:

Finally, I have a solution for the raccoon problem on Longboat Key —pythons! The Key should just import a few medium-sized pythons and the raccoons would be taken care of in short order. Rats probably would be eliminated, as well, as a bonus. The pythons presumably would cost nothing, or perhaps, be available for a small trucking charge, and when the raccoons are gone, there would be a huge recreational challenge for the residents and, perhaps, even a bounty paid for the largest python, or the one with the most raccoon bones in its tummy. Would this be fun or what?
Jane S. Oaks
Longboat Key

+ Boats are an eyesore
Dear Editor:

Is there any law prohibiting old boats from anchoring on Jewfish Key?

These boats have been anchored there for years without moving and are becoming a real eyesore. I can’t believe the city is letting the north end of Longboat Key become a junkyard.

Let’s not let this beautiful piece of real estate turn into a graveyard for old abandoned or forgotten boats. When a boat sinks at its mooring, who will be responsible for its removal? Do the boats have a current license on them? Do they have working anchor lights? These are all factors that need to be considered. There must be a law to keep these boats from collecting in this beautiful neighborhood.
Mark Kargo
Frequent Longboat Key visitor

+ Who are the ‘rascals?’
Dear Editor:

Mr. Bob White and friends, whom I’m sure have the greatest of good intentions for our ENTIRE island community, have done more than ANYONE to ensure the further decline of Longboat Key as evidenced by the current redevelopment freeze. So just why should we to listen to them about who the “rascals” are? No thank you!
Bob Gault
Longboat Key


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