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Longboat Key Wednesday, Apr. 17, 2013 4 years ago

Letters to the Editor


+ One Colony board member doesn’t speak for all
To our friend and neighbors on Longboat Key:

I have had a chance to review the April 4, 2013, guest editorial by Blake Fleetwood titled, “The ‘terminators’ attack the Colony Resort.” As president of the Colony Beach and Tennis Resort Association, I want to make it very clear that Mr. Fleetwood is a single member of our nine-person Board of Directors. He does not speak for the board, nor does he speak for the Association.
Jay R. Yablon
Colony Beach and Tennis
Resort Association

+ Kudos is in order for federal income tax history editorial
Dear Editor:

Excellent exposure of the federal income tax history of corruption.

Unfortunately, the lobby interest at the Congress is the major obstruction to change.

There are far too many interests that do not want a change, because of the loss of financial advantage.
The politicians, subservient to lobbyist money, are not motivated and are resistant to change.

A parade of former politicians over the decades and centuries create damage with which successive societies have to cope.

The damage they do is enormous, and is not easily, if ever, rectified.

The DNA of politicians, not all, but most, contains disingenuous and deceptive attributes and substantial narcissist traits.

It has never been any different, no matter the country or era. As a class, politicians are not trustworthy, albeit, there are rare exceptions.

The average voter is poorly informed of the issues impacting them, and political exploitation continues as it always has.

The “stupidity” of the average voter is unbelievable and incredible.

Politicians believe “the masses are asses,” and they are absolutely correct.

Great editorials; keep them coming!
Vic Cameron

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