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Sarasota Thursday, Apr. 18, 2013 4 years ago

Letters to the Editor


+ Thank you to the firefighters
Dear Editor:

I would like to commend the firefighters stationed at the Siesta Key firehouse on Midnight Pass Road. I was recently trapped in a cold elevator of our condominium for close to an hour-and-a-half on a busy traffic day. After an hour had gone by, the elevator company said they wouldn’t be able to reach me soon, so they called the fire department and requested that it rescue me. The firefighters were incredibly kind, reassuring and capable. I would like to mention the three men who were directly responsible for seeing that I was safely removed from the elevator, which was stuck between floors. They are Lt. Scott Gottschalk, Lt. Stephen Cantu and Lt. Gabriel Scott. 
Florence Marino
Siesta Key

+ The DNA of politicians
Dear Editor:

That was excellent exposure of the Federal Income Tax history of corruption.

Unfortunately, the lobby interest at the Congress is the major obstruction to change. There are far too many interests that do not want a change, because of the loss of financial advantage.

The politicians, subservient to lobbyist money, are not motivated and are resistant to change. A parade of former politicians over the decades/centuries created damage with which successive societies have to cope with. The damage they do is enormous, and is not easily, if ever, rectified.

The DNA of politicians, not all, but most, contains disingenuous and deceptive attributes and substantial narcissist traits.

It has never been any different, no matter the country or era. As a class, politicians are not trustworthy, albeit, there are rare exceptions.

The average voter is poorly informed of the issues impacting them, and political exploitation continues as it always has.

The actual “stupidity” of the average voter is unbelievable and incredible.

Politicians believe “the masses are asses,” and they are absolutely correct.

Great editorials; keep them coming!
Vic Cameron

+ County grant helped neighborhood
Dear Editor:

Palmer Square West Condominium Association is the proud recipient of a neighborhood grant. We received this grant to remove two carrotwood trees, which are Florida Class 1 invasives. This grant enabled us to remove these trees and make our neighborhood more environmentally friendly. The seeds from these trees, whether spread by birds or wind, would have caused the growth of additional trees. These trees keep more environmentally friendly trees from flourishing. Thank you, county commissioners.
Lawrence Miller
President, Palmer Square
West Condominium

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