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Longboat Key Wednesday, May. 1, 2013 4 years ago

Letters to the Editor


+ Colony meeting hopeful
Dear Editor:

Most times when attending meetings about the Colony, it’s best to check one’s sense of logic at the door. The meeting held last Wednesday, however, did offer a glimmer of hope that some positive things might happen. No, I’m not talking about the “we’re moving toward settlement” rhetoric. We have all heard that stuff before, and, even if true, there is still a number of additional soap opera-type happenings the Association has created for itself, which will undoubtedly cause further delays even post a Klauber settlement. The progress I am referring to is the town’s involvement in either forcing property cleanup by the Colony parties or taking on the responsibility itself. Although much more deliberate than I would like, the town manager and his staff are taking the necessary steps to finally push forward required fixes to code violations and dilapidated buildings. For this I am very thankful and appreciative.

One can only hope the Town Commission fully supports these efforts during the Colony public hearing scheduled for Monday, May 6. At this same hearing I am also certain the town police will be providing Longboat Key residents with some comfort that safety and security at this blighted property is being enhanced. Maybe this time could also be used by the commission to render additional conditions on the Colony parties with regard to continuing property maintenance and cost absorption for increased security needs.

On a final note, here’s an idea — if the only thing that creates real action at the Colony is calling the parties into a public meeting, maybe the Town Commission should make Colony property maintenance a recurring agenda item in every one of its open meetings going forward. I’m only half kidding.
Greg Van Howe
Longboat Key

+ Boston bombing aftermath
Dear Editor:

In the aftermath of the Boston bombing I keep looking for, but am unable to find, an op-ed article that commends Ray Kelly for the remarkable job that he and his people have done in protecting the citizens of New York City from terrorist attacks.

So, who is Ray Kelly? Most Americans who could easily name all the players on their favorite sports team would probably ask that question.

Ray Kelly is the man who became police commissioner of New York City four months after 9/11.

His belief was that the maze of federal security and law-enforcement agencies had failed New York City, resulting in thousands of casualties.

He could not understand how every law-enforcement and security agency, including16 federal intelligence agencies, had totally missed a plot involving dozens of Muslims taking flying lessons, crossing borders and shipping money all over the place.

So, with the backing of Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Kelly set up his own New York intelligence division, which turned into a 1,000-person counter terrorist organization.

The good news and the disgusting news emanating from this is as follows:

• Since he became commissioner, his organization has foiled at least 16 planned terrorist attacks in New York City, while concurrently reducing the murder rate by 80%, the lowest of any major American city.

• It is disgusting that the bleeding hearts ACLU and left-wing media who should be saluting Kelly have criticized and filed lawsuits against him and his organization for alleged violations of civil rights.

As reported in the Wall Street Journal April 16, more than 90% of perpetrators and victims of shootings and murders in New York City are either black or Hispanic.

Is there anyone so stupid to think that the NYPD should not pay major attention to surveillance of these groups?

We live in a country where men who cannot spell, but can shoot hoops, are called heroes, while men and women who have protected the lives of millions are criticized and sued.

There is something drastically wrong with that.
William B. Allen
Longboat Key

+ To the Republican Party
Dear Editor:

It saddens me to leave the Republican Party (the RNC) at the national level. The party has recently published a 98-page surrender document.

Some in the party have said an autopsy has been performed. An autopsy is an inspection of a dead body!
The party leadership has become impotent. We don’t need focus groups to tell us what we should believe. We are principled conservatives, and we need to take the fight to President Obama and his liberal allies.

Obama and his team are delighted as the GOP stumbles along looking for a purpose and a way to win future elections. It has been so easy for him. Obama wants a socialist future and diminished prospects for America. He knows how to take the focus off economic growth and our crushing national debt.

These crucial problems should be our major daily focus. So, how clever is Obama to change our focus to amnesty for illegal immigrants, marriage for gays, gun control and free contraceptives!

I view it as a tragedy that we had a highly competent, honest and upright candidate in Mitt Romney. The elite of our party qualified their support and did not enthusiastically help to get out the vote. That is why we lost the election.

Our beliefs and policies are rock solid. We have seasoned, conservative heroes to whom we should reach out.

They have wisdom and they know how to win. And there are now so many emerging, talented conservatives waiting in the wings. Our prospects are great. All we need is unshakeable self-confidence and the fighting will to win!
Jack Wilson
Longboat Key

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