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East County Wednesday, Apr. 9, 2014 3 years ago

Letters to the Editor


I-75 spoof not funny enough
Dear Editor,
Thanks for the April Fools’ I-75 spoof, but it wasn’t funny enough to drown out the outrage of taxpayers  like me who are being held hostage to traffic jams that could have been avoided. How? By honest, forward-looking concern for the common good. With a drop of common sense and a dollop of integrity, SMR’s Rex Jensen, along with county commissioners and Rep. Vern Buchanan, had to know the mess they were creating when they threw public interest under the bus by allowing car-clogging commercial construction at the bottleneck  I-75/University Parkway intersection before there was road capacity to handle it. Much worse is yet come, of course, when the mall and other big-box stores open in October. 

The real  joke is that disastrously belated attention is now being  taken lightly in a crisis that a 5-year-old could have predicted. By the way, as you know, there is no taxpayer money and no plan in sight for a fix which, if it comes, will occur years from now. I can’t wait for your April Fools’ issue in 2015.

Leo V. Seligsohn,
Lakewood Ranch

+ Observer should ‘grow up’ and move on
Dear Editor,
I started reading the Observer in 1997 living on Longboat Key. I moved to Lakewood Ranch in 2008 and have enjoyed the East County Observer.

I consider the Observer papers to be a serious publication with important information, excellent editorials and influential perspectives.

The first few years I read the paper, I felt the April Fools’ edition was cute.

I’m now strongly opposed to this trivial and misleading representation of our community.

Over the years, I have received many negative comments from casual readers and visitors who take the initial headlines literally.

I encourage you to get serious about your role.

Thanks for the opportunity to express my view.

James C Duvall,

+ Ridiculous story brings back memories

Dear Editor,
I’m relatively new to the area after moving from Burlington, Vt. My husband brought the Tuesday paper to me and showed me the front page “Circular Design Slows I-75 Effort” and said, “Do you believe this?” I read the front page and threw the paper to the floor in disgust. 

“That’s absolutely ridiculous!” I shouted.

Then, it hit me. It was ridiculous! I flipped to 4-A and sure enough, I had been fooled. This tickled me a lot because earlier in my life I founded a town newspaper in Vermont and we had many times done the same thing. Tables turned! I loved it.

Enjoyed it immensely.

Diane Goodrich,

+ April Fools’ edition should continue
Dear Editor,
Please continue (the April Fools’ stories).

They are light hearted and breathe a bunch of fresh air into our community.

I can certainly see the workings here of Mr. Jensen!

“Idle hands are a devils workshop.” 

Again, thank you,
Lou Marrinaccio,
East County
+ April foolery ‘a delight’
Dear Editor,

A delightful edition.  Congratulate your staff, too.  Very clever.  

Can you believe there are some who “believed it?”  No sense of humor!

Carol Eichert,
Heritage Harbour

Editor’s note: The following email went out as part of a longer email to University Place homeowners.
Entry Gates:  For those of you that read the East County Observer paper, you may have noticed a front page article that was titled “Manatee County to Remove Barriers.”  What you may not have noticed was the newspaper is dated  April 1, April Fools’ Day.  This article has been confirmed that it is one of the Observer’s many “April Fools’ Jokes.”  Our gates are NOT being removed by Manatee County.  Of note is that the Observer historically has done these “pranks” on April Fools’ Day.  So a word to wise . . . Be aware of The Observer’s April Fools’ trickery in 2015!


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