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Sarasota Wednesday, Jan. 14, 2015 7 years ago

Letters to the Editor


+ Condo Council lighting contest is unfair
Dear Editor:
I was speaking to a couple of owners of small Siesta Key resorts in December and the subject of the Siesta Key Condo Council Christmas Lighting Contest came up. Both of these resort owners stated to me that they no longer participate in the contest because no matter what they do the same resort wins every year. I asked them how this could be, seeing as the perpetual “winners” display has remained the same for years and has neither grown or improved and could be considered mediocre at best. They both told me the same thing. It has something to do with what can best be described as “the old boys network” of local condo politics. In other words, no matter what you do and how nice of a display you come up with, the winner is already predetermined.

I would suggest to the condo council that if they are going to have a lighting “contest” it must be an actual contest. In other words, it should be judged with fairness and impartiality. Too much hard work and time is spent by too many to have the same outcome every year. It should be judged on beauty, creativity and hard work. Look up the word “contest” in any dictionary. Nowhere does the word nepotism appear in the definition. 
Jerry Nodeen

+ Settling the lawsuit would have no effect
Dear Editor:
An Observer Jan. 8 editorial urges that both parties settle the pending Sunshine Law case against Vice Mayor Susan Chapman. However, it fails to take into account what is really at stake.

The Mogensen-Barfield team would, I am sure, welcome an opportunity to disengage from a lawsuit of such dubious merit.

Ms. Mogensen has been taken by surprise. Normally, she brings on a lawsuit, the city surrenders, and the Mogensen-Barfield team scoops up its winnings and gears up for its next stickup without a gun. In this case, true to form, the city capitulated, as did Commissioner Atwell. Chapman chose to take the bullies to the mat.

Settling the lawsuit would have no effect on the underlying conditions that inspired it. This lawsuit is a teaching opportunity. Better to fund the Chapman lawsuit now than to incur the greater costs of future meritless lawsuits that might otherwise be initiated by this duo.
Frank Brenner


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