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Longboat Key Wednesday, Aug. 5, 2009 8 years ago

Letters to the Editor


+ Libby Claire banner points to the power of prayer

Dear Editor:
Almost everyday I drive down Broadway. One day, I saw a sign asking for prayers for an adorable little girl, Libby Claire. I didn’t know why, but I believe in the power of prayer, so I prayed for her every time I passed the sign. Then I read the article in the July 23 Longboat Observer.

In my opinion, the town of Longboat Key Code Enforcement has sunk to its lowest! Where is the sense of community, compassion, and caring? This town is becoming more and more like a police state. It’s ridiculous.

Monica Durand

Longboat Key

+ Code enforcement sign ordinance is a big issue

Dear Editor:
I moved to Anna Maria Island fulltime in 1999. I used to drive people to Sarasota via Longboat Key and make conversation about the mailbox in the shape of a fish — very neat — and then one day, it was gone.

We also had discussions about the Lynches Pub sign and how it was almost the shape of a shamrock except for someone taking a chainsaw and cutting off the edge of the sign that slightly encroached on the town's right of way. That must have been a really big sign to make such a big encroachment and cause such a hazard to the town. I guess that is why the Lynch sisters whacked off a leaf and later moved to St. Armand's Circle.

So, recently, I had to drive by Libby Claire's sign to check the danger to the community.

This issue is like the one I had with a homeowners association in Pennsylvania that had 600 residents.

Someone complained because it stated in the bylaws that flags were not allowed to be displayed in the community. Well, I know one thing — rules are meant to give a little under certain circumstances. Who in their right mind was going to mention anything to a veteran displaying the American flag even, if it was not the Fourth of July or Veterans Day? Don't you think that you need to lighten up a bit with the Libby Claire banner?

I cannot see what harm it will bring to allow the Presslys time to heal. This is a community, right?

You might think it was a big issue, like someone taking 401K money from retirement accounts.

Well, let me tell you that keeping the sign up is a big issue! It is big enough that if you visit Libby Claire's site at you will see she means enough to 23,602 people who log in daily to check her progress.

I would hate for that number of people to think that Longboat Key was not a caring community.

Please consider this request and let these people heal and do not deprive those children of their own healing method.

Kathy Caserta
Ann Maria Island


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