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Sarasota Thursday, Sep. 17, 2009 8 years ago

Letters to the Editor


+ Conservatives need a plan

Dear Editor:
Criticism from some of your conservative readers toward the Obama administration is preaching to the choir.

Instead, how do they find a conservative leader? Not Palin, she quit. Not Gingrich, too much “baggage,” plus he has had his day. Not Pawlenty, he can’t inspire. Not Bobby Jindal, local talent only. Not Eric Cantor, too confrontational. Not Paul Ryan, experience challenged. The other “old guys” — just that!

However, collectively, and without a personal agenda, they should be able to fashion a health-care plan that should first identify failings within Medicare and Medicaid, then offer common-sense corrections and solutions. They should also:

• Identify tort reform as a true savings to the system. Specifically, identify Americans and illegals without coverage and why.

• Recommend interstate medical and hospital insurance policies; present their policy to the people as a Plan for Reform.

• Most importantly, marginalize the Obama gang. Don’t challenge it, supplant it in national discourse. Now is the time to use those Town Hall meetings constructively.

Undoubtedly, a true conservative leader will emerge as this plan is defined, defended and evolves.

Dan Dragash

+ Commission’s vote noted

Dear Editor:
It was really cool that the City Commission voted for the “Unconditional Surrender” statue to stay in Sarasota — even better that it’s staying on the bayfront.

I understood the whole voting process, thanks to my American Government teacher, Scott Swirles.

This statue represents perfectly the end of a tragic war. I hope someday this statue might even become a monument for the state of Florida or even the United States.

I bet World War II veteran John Curran, the one who is purchasing the statue, would agree with me.

What I really hope for is when I come back to Sarasota in 20 years for a high-school reunion, I will see the “Unconditional Surrender” statue standing on the bay taller than ever.

Kamron Hooker
Sarasota High student

+ Thank you to The Observer

Dear Editor:
Yesterday I had a lapse of memory and purchased a Sunday edition of the Sarasota Herald-Tribune. I was quickly reminded of why I, and apparently thousands of others, have stopped reading this left-wing publication.

The largest protest in recent memory marched on the nation’s capital Saturday (the most modest estimate was 500,000 people and the highest was in a U.K. publication at 2 million-plus), and the Herald-Tribune coverage was a pathetic 14 inches of column on the third page.

Upon turning the page, I found 30 inches of the president’s 49th rehashing of his same-old, same-old half-truths about “his” health-care plan.

Another Herald-Tribune omission was the nation-wide story of avowed communist Van Jones and the ACORN scandals — at least in Sunday’s paper.

It is clear to me that the left-wing newspapers are in trouble in this country and will go down in partnership with this Marxist government. I thank God that The Observer exists to present the other side.

Thomas Longwell

Longboat Key


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