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Longboat Key Wednesday, Aug. 4, 2010 10 years ago

Letters to the Editor


+ Question to IPOC: Is this right thing to do?
Dear Editor:
When I submitted the My View, “Bob White Is Now Walking in My Shoes,” two weeks ago, I felt that it was a fair representation of the two disputes between the Moorings and IPOC with the Longboat Key Club. It also outlined my opinion of the current situation and recommended that IPOC be proud of what it accomplished and accept the decision of the Town Commission and will of the majority. Bob White was entitled to his response, which was printed last week.

I would not have commented further if Bob stayed with the facts and had not resorted to unsubstantiated speculation and innuendo in his letter. Bob wrote, “I also question the objectivity of Mr. Scheyer’s claims. Could it be possible that supporting the club’s Islandside project was a condition of the settlement between the club and the Moorings? If so, the motivation of Mr. Scheyer may be less due to conviction than obligation.”

So, this paragraph is sent directly to “Bob,” which is what I called him when we exchanged quite a few telephone calls and e-mails while we communicated around a year ago. Bob, you never questioned my “objectivity” when I supported your initial opposition to the larger club expansion. Furthermore, you knew then and now that my total involvement in the Moorings’ settlement was to help initiate the ad hoc committee that changed the Moorings’ board. As stated in My View, the final settlement was arranged by the new board of which I was not a member. You also know that my support as a “condition of the settlement” is a total fabrication. There were no conditions for me or anyone! Lastly, you stopped any further communications with me when my initial support for you changed to neutral and then in favor of the modified expansion. Bob, you can always tell that someone’s position is weak when he fabricates nonsense.

If there is any question here, it is whether Mr. White’s real objective is just to block all expansion by the club. His tactics certainly appear to be obstruction to any construction.

Regarding public support for either the club or IPOC, Mr. White’s concluding paragraph states that the club’s claims of support and my claim of dwindling backing of IPOC are unsubstantiated. That is fair comment. So, I suggest that The Observer sponsor a referendum to determine actual support for each side. Let each owner vote by e-mail or letter and have an impartial person validate the votes against town records. While this might not solve the legal battle, it would clear up opposing rhetoric. In the interest of action, I sent an advance copy of this proposal to each gentleman so that they might respond in the same paper that this letter is being published.

Michael Welly responded positively for the club and was willing to participate. Bob White sent the following message, “What would be the point of the poll at this point?  Irrespective of anyone’s opinion on the merits of the approved development ordinance, the issue now is whether it is in accordance with the Comprehensive Plan.  This is something that a court will determine, not public opinion.” 

May I remind Bob White and Mike Furen: The right to do something doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do.
Bob White’s response is strange. Why did he bother to raise the question of accuracy of public support, if he dismisses the opportunity for verification when it was offered? It appears that the court of public opinion has no standing with IPOC, even if that court is made up of his own former supporters.

Stuart Scheyer
Longboat Key

+ We should be one community again
Dear Editor: 
Mr. (Bob) White, please drop any legal crusade and rejoin the community in moving forward as most of the residents of Longboat Key desire.

Let us move forward in a positive direction and be one community once again.

The Ross Family
Longboat Key

+ Scheyer is right: The Key Club fight is over
Dear Editor:
Tell him to give it up. Stuart Scheyer is right, and it’s time to go forward. Bob White is begging for donations and is not getting them. Take the compromise and let’s get on with improving the key. His accusations of Mr. Scheyer are like the old game of telephone where the end of the line is nowhere like the beginning. Next Mr. White will start a blog with his falsehoods. The fight is over — find something else to do.

Noel Siegel
Longboat Key

+ Commission has made clear will of the people
Dear Editor:
I am writing, with all due respect, to request that Mr. (Bob) White and other members of IPOC (Islandside Property Owners Coalition) reconsider their legal challenge and allow our community to move forward. We have numerous issues to address and our commission, duly elected, has voted the will of the people.

Our limited resources can be much better consumed than in a litigious venture.

R. F. Gervais
Longboat Key

+ It is time to move on with development
Dear Editor:
We would like to add our names to what must be a growing list of people who want Bob White to quit wasting everybody’s time and money and accept the town’s decision regarding the Longboat Key Club development. Significant changes have been adopted by the club, and it is now time to get on with the actual development, so it can start benefiting our island. Bob White — please get out of the way of progress.

David and Marcia Gutridge
Longboat Key

+ Both groups should elect members to panel
Dear Editor:
As a full-time resident (12 years) and member of the Longboat Key Club (13 years), I have listened, evaluated and strongly feel both groups have obviously failed to meet an equitable or palatable compromise.

Enough time has been spent, not to mention money, on both sides, and still major obstacles or concessions have not been worked out or resolved.

Again, as a full-time resident, I’m frankly tired of listening, hearing, receiving, reading and being requested to choose a side, fund a legal challenge, or accept the fact ... the Key Club wants to pursue a massive, three-, four-, five-year or more major construction project.

At this time, as I understand, funding is not in place, final plans are not complete nor approved, architectural models fail to show specific details, building concepts are vague at best, finishes, colors, roof-style type, landscaping and numerous other issues will be next or new items to agree with, question, challenge or oppose.

I’m happy, proud and impressed our elected officials arranged for the Key Club to fund or cover all the town’s cost associated with challenges ... very smart and prudent, in my humble opinion, or should I say ... priceless.

My suggestion is for both groups to select a panel, agree on the members and go to binding arbitration and get on with the construction of whatever is approved.

Time to end this issue, complete construction and allow all Longboat Key residents to enjoy our lives and lifestyles we moved here to enjoy, while we are still ... alive.

Michael S. Foreman
Longboat Key

+ White’s position is self-serving
Dear Editor:
Please encourage Mr. (Bob) White to drop his lawsuit. His position is very self-serving.

Lauri Pollack
Longboat Key

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