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Sarasota Thursday, Dec. 16, 2010 7 years ago

Letters to the editor


+ Democrats’ losses reflect the voters’ feelings
Dear Editor:
If the Democratic Party wants to know why it loses elections, it needs to look no further than its Sarasota County chairwoman.

According to Ms. Ferrandino, Keith Fitzgerald lost to Ray Pilon because poor ole Keith “is a college professor and doesn’t have the resources to fight $200,000 (pumped into Pilon’s campaign by the Republican Party) at the last minute.”

In fact, Pilon received only $188,000 in total contributions from every source, while Fitzgerald received $336,000. Despite the nearly two-to-one advantage in contributions, Fitzgerald lost.

Ferrandino’s lame attempt to lay off her party’s defeat to the Republicans buying the election illustrates her party’s arrogance. To Ferrandino, the voters are a bunch of dimwits who would have voted for her candidates if not for the rich, evil Republican Party’s money. That the voters simply disliked Fitzgerald’s liberal leanings simply couldn’t be possible.

The Democratic Party’s elitist ideas of governing the peasants in the electorate discounts the idea that the peasants can think for themselves, and if her party didn’t win, it’s not because the electorate was somehow duped into voting against the Democrats. In fact, the Democrats’ losses reflect the disconnect between the issues important to the electorate and the Democrats’ perception of those issues.

John J. Killen Jr.

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