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Siesta Key Thursday, Aug. 25, 2011 6 years ago

Letters to the Editor


+ Commissioners criticized for access
Dear Editor:

Rachel Brown Hackney did an excellent job writing in the Pelican Press about the beach access problems. Keep up the excellent work.

The commissioners and full-time staff are dragging their feet and putting personal needs ahead of what the public requires and will demand. Taxpayers will not be shortchanged.
Joe Barresi

+ Seniors, others must accept responsibility
Dear Editor:

Thank you for Rod Thomson’s excellent article, “Government debt is a moral failure,” which appeared in the Pelican Press Aug. 11.

While senior citizens are responsible, it is also true that their children and grandchildren are being raised (and encouraged) to expect the same treatment. This exacerbates the problem and affects the practical situation.

Do you have any estimate of the percentage of Americans who share your viewpoint? I do.
And the political candidate who campaigns for cutting spending and a constitutional amendment for a balanced budget will receive my vote.
Jeanette N. Porpora

+ For beach parking, a small garage?
Dear Editor:

I would like to offer a suggestion to solve the Siesta beach-parking dilemma.
One of the concerns, as I understand it, is the fire station. How about if we leave it where it is and build a double-tiered lot over it?

I’m not sure if the ramp could be built over the existing station or if the station would have to be removed and a new station incorporated into the ramp structure.

There appears to be a lot of valuable land that could accommodate both an increase in parking and the necessary fire/EMT coverage for Siesta Key.

If well-designed, the ramp would offer both vehicle and pedestrian access to the beach completely separate from the fire station requirements. Upgrades to the fire station might easily be worked into the design of the building.
Richard Kiegler

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