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East County Wednesday, Sep. 14, 2011 6 years ago

Letters to the Editor


+ Reckless driving kills beloved dog
Dear Editor:

On Sept. 5, in Greenbrook Fields, a lovely family lost their beloved dog Lady Bug. Lady Bug was staying at our house for a short visit while her family was away. When the doorbell rang and the door was opened, she squeezed out the door and made a dash toward her home. She was struck and killed by two teenagers driving obnoxiously fast. Lady Bug’s family was scheduled to be home five minutes after this happened. Thankfully, they did not have to witness this tragedy. In that moment, Lady Bug’s family lost a special animal.

Maybe you are reading this and think I am nuts because she is just an animal. If you have any sense, you realize an animal is a family member — a child, a sibling, a cousin. Animals are so important to our families. Our kids are even more important, and that is why I am writing.

I hope everyone who reads this takes a moment to think about what happened. I have a 2-year-old and a 5-year-old, who honestly do not have the best judge of the street.

That’s why I alarmingly raise my voice when they run toward the road. They probably think their mommy is crazy.

I have to be crazy because we live around people who selfishly drive through our neighborhood. We have even gone to the point where we put up a net when we play outside so the balls don’t run into the street.

The driving in Lakewood Ranch is alarming, and frankly, our children are in danger. These teenagers could have hit my children or your children. Let’s be honest, we can’t only blame the teenagers for their driving.

Do you know how many adults, even adults who are parents, drive into our street like their life depends on getting home in a split second? They turn into our street screeching wheels and then turn the next corner and speed up even more. It’s so unforgivable our kids cannot even play in their front yards without their parents fearing for their lives.

I vote for speed bumps in the Lakewood Ranch communities. Who cares if we have to pay an extra few dollars in our taxes? Do you really want to save a few bucks and continue to keep your children in danger? What I experienced emotionally when Lady Bug was struck was the most sickening feeling — one I cannot begin to explain.

Lady Bug’s father made a good point, which I hope, if anything, you take from this. Lady Bug saved a child’s life when she passed away. Maybe those teenagers who struck her will slow down. Maybe they will be more conscious of their surroundings now, and let’s hope they are telling their friends to do so, as well. They have to go on knowing they killed a member of a special family. I hope you, too, will slow down and save our children.
Erin McGinty

+ Incorporation:‘No’ means ‘no’
Dear Editor:

Upon reading the Sept. 1 edition of the East County Observer, I was surprised to read where you titled your article, “Voters: No City Yet.” What are you and the Observer not understanding? Have not the voters clearly said by the vote that they do not want incorporation? You then say, “At least for now.” Amazing!

It is my hope that the proponents of this measure do not continue to play politics in an attempt to achieve city incorporation. It is also my hope that the Observer is not part of it. This is why our country is in such economic turmoil.

The voters have spoken. Please respect and support the voters and the decision they have made!
Michael Feser
Lakewood Ranch

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