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East County Wednesday, Sep. 28, 2011 9 years ago

Letters to the Editor


+ 9/11 cover in bad taste
Dear Editor:

The front cover of the Sept. 8 edition depicting the World Trade Center towers was done in bad taste.

I am a former New Yorker and moved here years ago, and the picture you have on the cover is very undignified of those who passed away from the tragedy. The front cover of your paper should have similar photos like the paper companies up north, where they view the Manhattan skyline with a distant background drop image of the World Trade Center before the tragedy.

Why would you display murder on the front cover of the paper and make us remember that? We know what happened, but 9/11 should be in loving memory of those who died and have a more “peaceful” photo of the city to properly memorialize the people and the events. You should photograph the new downtown Manhattan to properly dedicate the day to the people and families who lost loved ones.

Furthermore, 9/11 was not just about the WTC; it was also the pentagon and Shanksville, Pa.

I feel your front cover is insensitive to the event, and you obviously are not from the Northeast or you would have never placed that picture on the front. That picture is just as bad as if you have placed photos of those who jumped from the buildings — you are displaying murder, and that is terrible you did that.
I hope next year, you have a more dignified way of remembering 9/11 and have more compassion for those who experienced it.
Nicole Hall
Lakewood Ranch

+ Blame game not working anymore
Dear Editor:

The Democrats are really upset, I see.

Get off the blame game, folks — it’s getting very old. Democrats have been in charge since 2005 in our Congress — yes, we had a Republican President, but as we can see today with it reversed, the president can only do so much. And this one is too busy campaigning for re-election to care. He still does not understand that he does not create jobs. Small business has always taken care of that and will continue to do so. His jobs bill is a ruse!

All the Republicans want to do is balance the budget, spend what we take in and no more, and reduce the deficit we now have. Is that not the way we try to run our budgets at home? Republicans did not cause this problem. Raising taxes will not solve this situation, and Republicans are certainly not going to ask our citizens to give up Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid. They are trying to save these programs and not create the problem of having our children and grandchildren pay for them.

The rich also are mentioned as being part of this problem. I can’t agree more. Warren Buffet owes more than $1 million in back taxes, and now, George Soros is being investigated. Both are avid supporters and contributors to President Barack Obama and his administration.

The writer of one of these letters talks about “We American workers.” I don’t think this person is employed at this time — except maybe by the DNC as a superb letter-writer. I suggest these folks stop reading the New York Times and the blog writers such as Paul Krugman and pay more attention to what Congress and the president are doing to solve this situation.
Joan Shirey
East Manatee County

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