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Sarasota Thursday, Nov. 10, 2011 6 years ago

Letters to the Editor


+ Remember veterans, attend ceremonies
Dear Editor:

Nov. 11 is Veterans Day in America. This national holiday is proclaimed by the president of the United States and by state governors to honor members of the United States Armed Services and to recall their sacrifices.

These veterans are honored this day because they have served, fought and even died for what they believed in: rights and liberty for our nation and for all people. From the Minutemen, who won our independence during the Revolutionary War, to the present time, our heroic men and women have shown their strong commitment here and in countries throughout the world. Their patriotism and bravery are part of the collective heritage that we honor each Nov. 11.

Veterans Day is a great day for all people who enjoy America’s freedoms and prosperity to wave the beautiful United States flag and take the time to salute and thank the proud and brave military veterans. I urge you to attend the Veterans Day parades and ceremonies dedicated for their honorable sacrifice and service.

A grateful nation does remember!
Jean Maxwell Catsakis
Chairwoman, DAR Service for Veterans Committee
Sara De Soto Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution

+ OWS shows free markets wrong
Dear Editor:

Thanks to Occupy Wall Street, more Americans are learning about the steady growth over the past 40 years of a sickness in our society: the sickness that in our wonderful America, distribution of wealth among our residents (all of whom contribute to economic growth) is so unfair.

Fifty years ago, Barry Goldwater said that free markets would discipline themselves and spread wealth throughout the citizenry, so long as government did not get in the way with taxes and regulations. He was wrong then, and the Republican leaders who continue to promote the same unproven, false and harmful ideas, are wrong now.

Just Google “income gap in the United States” and see how wrong Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan, who came after him, were. While the rich get richer, more than 90% of Americans have seen virtually no growth in their incomes and quality of life for their families in almost 40 years.

That’s not the America that I want to leave to my children and grandchildren. And it is doubly sad that so many basically decent people have been duped into believing Republican leaders’ arguments that the system does not need changing.
Brad Hardin

+ Fears of tea party turn out unfounded
Dear Editor:

Over the past few years since the tea party emerged, there have been many warnings from the far left about the future danger they could be in in the near future.

One prediction was that the tea party members could turn into a unruly crowd and cause disruptions in America. It never happened. Another was that the tea party members are hateful and race mongers and could be a danger to our society. They are just patriotic people who want “We The People” back in America.  The funniest and strangest objection that was said by the left was that the tea party members’ dress and appearance was “suspiciously too neat.”

It looks like all of the above warnings are coming true with the Wall Street protesters, except, of course, the last one, because most of these people not “suspiciously too neat.” In fact, they are scary.

On the subject of “scary”: The Occupy Wall Street protestors are being motivated and financed by union leader thugs and have full approval of the White House. The police were never called out to control the tea party, and there was never violence or destruction or millions of dollars spent — or continuing to be spent — on police and sanitation cleanups.
Joseph Fanelli

+ Chalk art erased too soon
Dear Editor:

It’s an absolute disgrace to have stood and watched the “steam team” erase the stunning art created by the most gifted artists I have had the pleasure of seeing. What is going on with this heartless town lately?
The city commissioners have done everything possible to prevent a positive spin in this city. They tried to pull the plug on this wonderful event within weeks of its opening date. Why? This event brought thousands of people here who spent their money in our restaurants, paid the ridiculous parking fees and put some homeless people to work. So far it has become the event of the year! 

Were the police overworked? I doubt it, because I saw officers every day and night watching over the crowds. If this has to do with catering to the 1%, I am here to tell you the rest of us are sick of it. What did this event cost the city? What did the city merchants gain? Plenty of revenue, I am sure. We met people from all over the state who had traveled hours to see this event. How could city staff members have swept the streets bare of all this wonderful art? It should have been, as in the past, allowed gradually to fade away. 

The commissioners ought to be ashamed. They are a sorry lot for sure. Kudos to all the hard work of the directors of the Chalk Festival. It was amazing. I suggest that anyone who attended express your thoughts about this and send it to the clueless bunch at City Hall.
Arlene Miracola

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