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Longboat Key Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2012 5 years ago

Letters to the Editor


+ Dog owners should demonstrate their rights
Dear Editor:

As part of the dog committee identifying issues regarding leashed access to the beach for dog owners and their dogs, I’d like to report we are making quite a bit of progress identifying the issues and working with the bird people and turtle people to satisfy their needs, as well as issues regarding the need for cleanliness.

We are responsible people.

But laws are sometimes written thoughtlessly, like the one the commission is scrambling to repeal that allows the police to come on my property and kill my dogs.

Now I’m afraid I’m becoming “radicalized”!

Why are we living our lives at the mercy of the “no” people? Why do they not have to “prove” harm before they take away our rights? Disease, my foot! The whole country would be sick if dogs were so infective! There’s no “dog flu” ... but there sure is a bird flu. And the sand at the waterside is slick with their guano.
So, has anyone heard the phrase “it’s a free country” lately? Me neither.

This issue has been litigated in California and the Northeast extensively. Even the California judges have ruled we can’t be excluded!

Who wants to join me for a march on Town Hall?  

Free the pooches!
Thank you,
Shannon Gault
Longboat Key

+ What you didn’t see in the online video
Dear Editor: 

To those who watched my “In the Kitchen” video on the Observer’s website, I am about to tell you what you didn’t see, and that was the best part!

You see Bev breaking the eggs and pouring the milk, sugar and salt into the blender and pressing the button to start the blender. What you don’t see or hear is the “urnt, urnt” and the smell of the motor burning. That’s where the camera stopped. Without missing a beat, she gets her hand blender from the closet, pours the liquid from the blender into the new container and begins to beat the contents. The hand blender is working, and in an instant the container overflows onto the counter, the cabinets and floor.
As if nothing happened, you next see her carefully pouring the noodles that have been mixed with the cottage cheese, sour cream, crushed pineapple and the eggs, milk and sugar into the greased casserole dish. What you see next is a banner across the screen that says WHOOPS. What you don’t see behind that WHOOPS is the noodles pouring over the sides of the Pyrex onto the counter and the floor.

After the cleanup with the camera off, the video continues to show her placing the unbaked kugel into the oven that has been set for 55 minutes.

Knowing the reporter, Mallory Gnaegy, shouldn’t have to sit around to watch it bake, Bev takes a kugel that she had made that morning out of the oven, like they do on TV, and Mallory photographs a perfect kugel begging to be eaten.

Now you know the truth: Bev is not a kitchen maven. She didn’t get the job on Julia Child’s cooking show.
However, if you want a really good kugel, follow the recipe on
Beverly Shapiro
Longboat Key


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