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East County Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2012 6 years ago

Letters to the Editor


+ Home Depotshows generosity
Dear Editor:
Our son, who is in the Navy, is currently serving in Afghanistan as a NATO advisor training Afghan military personnel in basic construction.

Each Afghan is given his or her own tool kit for the six-plus-month class, which is often the first set of tools they have ever owned or used. Our son called us the other day and asked if we could get him 24 sets of safety glasses and work gloves, because their standard tool kit did not have these. He suggested we ask a company to donate them.

Reluctantly, my wife and I went to the Home Depot on University Parkway and asked to speak to a manager. Frankly, we don’t like asking for things and expected a cold response. We met with Steve Giannakopoulos, an assistant manager, at the store.

After we gave Steve a three-minute explanation, his response was simple and straightforward: “OK, we can do that. Let’s get a shopping cart and get those.”

Ten minutes later, with Steve’s help, we had everything on our list — including Home Depot T-shirts.
Before we left, we met Store Manager Dan McDevitt, who explained that his company, with little fanfare, does whatever it can to support our troops. Home Depot asked for nothing for their contribution and expected no publicity.

Everyone talks the talk about supporting our troops. Home Depot walks the walk and made me proud that America has companies like that.
W. Lee Bettes and Patti Sue Peotter-Bettes
Heritage Harbour

+ SMR’s Rex Jensena welcome addition
Dear Editor:

I for one, appreciate hearing from Rex Jensen on his guest editorial. I seldom read of such timely views as expressed, which I fully agree.

My wish is have Mr. Jensen back in the future.
Charlie Brummer
Lakewood Ranch

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