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Sarasota Thursday, Jan. 19, 2012 5 years ago

Letters to the Editor


+ Golden Apple is just like other small businesses
Dear Editor:

I wanted to address an article that appeared in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune Dec. 28, 2011, entitled “Golden Apple Grapples with Bills,” which was incorrect in its main theme — that the Golden Apple was behind in its rent payments. The rent issue was resolved in early December, and at the moment we are current and we hope to stay that way. The language in our lease made us delinquent after being only three days late. Fortunately we have negotiated a longer grace period, which is more in tune with normal long-term leases.

The fact that we are struggling to pay bills is no different than many other small businesses that depend on income, which comes through the front door rather than grants and tax-free donations from outside sources. Since 2007 we have been playing catch-up while dealing with the effects of hurricanes, the recession, the BP oil spill, the construction of the Main Street roundabout and the Palm Avenue garage, among other things. With the help of my wonderful family, good friends, a dedicated staff and loyal patrons, we have managed to keep the wolf away from the door while providing the quality entertainment the public has come to expect from us. The Sarasota Observer’s many articles have furthered our cause, and to that we say thank you.
Robert Ennis Turoff
Golden Apple Dinner Theatre

+ Letter writers madegood and bad points
Dear Editor:

Both of the letters to the editor in the Jan. 12 Sarasota Observer had many good and bad points about the wars, economy and diplomacy. 

Let’s not forget the fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, wives and children of the 3,000-plus military personnel who lost their lives in a war that was not necessary.

There also have been more than 30,000 soldiers who have been wounded, who have come back with no arms, legs or eyes. They can’t walk, hold their children or read a book. Those men and women will suffer, along with their families, for the rest of their lives. Why?

I hope next time we think twice about going to war!
Stanley Demos
World War II veteran

+ Sarasota airport needs cheaper airline
Dear Editor:

I enjoyed your wish list. I would like to add one more, that our airport gets a cheaper airline, like St. Pete has USA 3000 or Punta Gorda. Why can’t we get Southwest? Are our landing fees to high?
James Stevens

+ Current administration should not be labeled ‘anti-American’
Dear Editor:

I take issue with the part of your “Wish List” which states " ... the destructive, anti-American agenda of the present administration.”

This may have been a “one-liner” designed to appeal to those who support the radical agenda of the Tea Party and sundry Libertarians.

It may well provide grist for the mill for assorted “birthers” and “Obama is a secret Muslim” conspiracy theorists. But it flies in the face of the facts.

The administration has continued the Bush-era policies of supporting American banks and other financial bodies — thus helping to avert what could have been a total melt-down of our capitalist system. The administration enabled timely financial resources to “all-American” companies such as General Motors — thus helping to prevent what would have otherwise been disastrous bankruptcies.

The administration has announced a new defense policy, which as one conservative commentator described as “right out of the Donald Rumsfeld playbook.”

The administration is enabling, albeit slow, growth in the American economy and, to be sure an all-too-slow growth in jobs. This in itself is remarkable in the face of what is an international recession and a nay-saying House of Representatives.

Only the most convoluted and obscurantist logic could describe any of this as anti-American.

We are fortunate to live in this beloved country where differences of opinion are to be valued inasmuch as they often shed light on complicated or difficult matters. But to slate this administration as anti-American sheds no light. In fact, it creates heat. It is worthy of the "school of Joseph McCarthy type innuendo," but it is hard for me to recognize it as responsible journalism.

That leads me to wonder if The Observer is irresponsible in its editorial policy, can it be trusted to be responsible in its news-gathering?
J. Michael Povey

+ Reader appreciates Observer’s ‘wish list’
Dear Editor:

The Wish List 2012 was so well done.

The letter and response is such a great approach, because too many letters and opinions go without criticism.

It becomes frustrating when a letter that is written by a person is without facts or good sense.

I am not saying that you can avoid this happening because it is fair to listen to as many who have opinions, good and bad.

We are forced to read too many “well-known opinion writers from top newspapers” with quarter-page, one-sided opinions, and we never get a chance to respond because of their prestigious status and, of course would, be against their policies.

I use the phrase “opinion writer” because these so-called reporters, from most of today’s top media sources are giving only their one-sided opinion.

This is fine as long as it becomes a “debate” and the other side has a chance to give their side of the story and possibly have a chance to respond and try to correct some of the issues that have been incorrectly stated.

Anyway, congratulations for a solid, well planned section.

It's unfortunate that The Observer is not a daily newspaper. If it were, there would be many happy subscribers in this town.
Joe Fanelli



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