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East County Wednesday, May. 23, 2012 5 years ago

Letters to the Editor


+ Larry Bustle deserves benefits
Dear Editor:
Thank you for your May 10 column, “In defense of Larry Bustle.”

Mr. Bustle rightfully deserves the benefits he is entitled to, and I’m proud to say I know Larry.

Shame on Commissioner Robin DiSabatino.

Michael, be the champion for fair and honest reporting.
Lou Marinaccio, Lakewood Ranch

+ Journalistic effort appreciated
Dear Editor:
My congratulations to journalist Michael Eng for his April 26 piece, “The truth … and nothing but,” for disclosing the bias regarding the Zimmerman/ Martin tragedy.

His effort in researching and detailing the media trend to cast journalistic objectivity aside and speculate on rumor, unsubstantiated comments and leaked information from “sources who asked not to be named,” clearly reveals why major news sources have little credibility. I would hope that the New York Times, ABC, CBS and the other national and local media that rushed to judgment while pandering to the so-called civil rights leaders agenda, might take note of Mr. Eng’s example of true journalistic effort — and educate themselves to report on the facts rather than suppositions.

As he quotes in his last paragraph, “We prosecute cases on the relevant facts of each case and of the laws of the state of Florida,” not by public pressure or petition.
Bert Giroux, Sarasota


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