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Longboat Key Wednesday, Jun. 20, 2012 5 years ago

Letters to the Editor


+ It’s just a sign!
Dear Editor:

So, the Zoning Board denied a request by CVS for a second sign on its new store. C’mon, get real! Why the denial? Because a second sign is going to create a bad precedent or be too business-like? Hey, we’re not talking about a strip mall with neon signs; this is a sign, which would help people to locate the store. I have to wonder if there is anyone on the board who has any knowledge of business or any interest at all in preserving the few critical businesses that still struggle to exist on Longboat? It doesn’t seem so.

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated example of Zoning Board activity — its heavy footprint has stomped all over proposed changes to the north end and Whitney Beach, to Harry’s parking lot, to expansion of the Longboat Key Club, to ...  and do you remember the ridiculous issue about the “too large” sign at Lynches Pub (which led them to move away from Longboat)?

Suggestion to the Zoning Board: Take a look at social media websites and what they are now saying about the Key. Comments such as “snobby,” “unwelcoming to tourists” and “anti-business” are increasingly common. I love Longboat and defend it as best I can, but I am embarrassed by some of the decisions of so-called town leaders. Not only are your present policies destroying businesses, but you are also destroying the reputation of Longboat Key as a great place to live or visit. Please, folks, maybe you could be a little more welcoming and make it easier for a tourist to know how to find the local grocery store and the local drug store. If you want to promote Longboat Key, that’s a no-brainer. 
Beatty Collins
Longboat Key

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