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Longboat Key Wednesday, Sep. 12, 2012 5 years ago

Letters to the Editor


+ Give credit to those who fought the farce
Dear Editor:

Now that the legal decisions have come down completely in favor of IPOC, perhaps you should take time to review your completely biased stance in favor of the Longboat Key Club’s application. This was never about legitimate expansion, but about government overruling the laws and ordinances that have been in place to protect citizens who make large investments in properties, thinking that the rules will protect them. I understand that more building on the island will help sell more newspapers, but your bias is so far out of place that it is shameful. Perhaps you could give some credit now to the citizens who fought this farce.
Charles Jennings,
Longboat Key

+ Unworthy of public trust
Dear Editor:

I applaud the 2nd District Court of Appeal’s recent opinion. The mayor, the commissioners and the zoning board members should all be thoroughly ashamed of their irresponsible and reckless disregard for the written codes of Longboat Key. They are indeed poor shepherds of the interests of the property owners of Longboat, and the environment the key brings to us all. They have been revealed as unworthy of the public trust, and hopefully will refrain from future legislative activity.
Louis Lobes,
Longboat Key

+ Time to apply again
Dear Editor:

Now that Bob White and IPOC are finally over running victory laps and spiking the football, it is time for the Key Club to reapply to the town commission for the most important renewal project in the history of the Key. The Club has been a good corporate citizen on the Key. Recent needed code and comp. plan changes should now allow a timely return to P&Z to restart the process. Our aging “paradise” is in need of a success story in terms of a renewal or upgrade.

A huge majority of the Key’s population and the Club’s membership have been in favor of the needed improvements and upgrades. Our town deserves a first-class resort — with other projects uncertain and undefined, the Key Club is clearly the best first choice to move forward. I’m convinced our community will be in support of the Key Club and the town commission in the renewal application.
Dick Pelton,
Longboat Key resident

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