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Sarasota Thursday, Nov. 15, 2012 5 years ago

Letters to the Editor


+ Patriot speaks out
Dear Editor:

Following this year’s election, it has taken me four days to be able to compose rational thoughts and statements. I was so physically ill, thinking about what we had done to our country and to ourselves that I could not eat, drink or sleep for those entire four days.

I have to ask: Have we totally lost sight of who we are, who we have always been, who our forefathers meant for us to be? Have we forgotten why people from all over the world have always flocked to our shores? Have we lost sight of the fact that up until four years ago, each child had a dream of being and having as much or more than his parents and grandparents did?

I have not and will not ever lose sight any of these facts. I am a patriot from a long line of patriots.

My ancestors, the Dorrs, traveled from England and settled in the Boston area in the mid 1600s and are still there — buried in the historic Roxbury Burying Grounds. The Dorr family was integral in the forging of this nation and some are recognized as documented patriots of the American Revolution.

The fact they believed so strongly that they were willing to sacrifice everything fills me with more emotion and pride than I can begin to describe. I am so deeply in love with this country and am fighting to understand what is in the hearts and minds of my fellow citizens.

I had a visit from a neighbor, who is a Canadian nationalist the other day. He walked into my home, with his Obama ball cap on, and said to me, “Oh, Pam, you’ll get used to socialism.” He had no idea what an impact that made until a split second later, when I stopped dead in my tracks, turned squarely to him, looked him in the eyes and stated: “I am an American.”

He didn’t fully understand until I repeated myself, at which time my point was perfectly clear. How is it that someone not from this country can see the future so clearly, yet our own citizens cannot?

I do not understand why the wealthy are villainized. God bless the wealthy; they have employed me most of my adult life and in turn have enabled me to employ others.

It is not their job, my job or yours to support the masses who choose a lifestyle in which they do not work but rather live off entitlements subsidized by taxpayers. These programs were intended to assist and empower, not enable, and this vicious cycle of dependence on social programs that is passed from generation to generation is not my responsibility nor is it yours.

It has always been such an honor and privilege to call yourself an American. I will fight to ensure that it continues to be until the moment I draw my last breath.

I am standing up as a patriot who is willing to fight socialism to the bitter end and will leave you with the Thomas Jefferson quote that I proudly display on my vehicle.

“Our lives cease to be free when founded on borrowing and debt.”
Godspeed to all whom walk this path with me.
Pamela Gross

+ An open letter to Gov. Romney
 Dear Editor:

Thank you Gov. Romney and your courageous and gracious wife, Ann. You withstood a virulent and scurrilous assault on your successful life, the beautiful family you have raised, and your belief in God. Yet, you stood tall and fought valiantly to the very end. I am proud to have fought with you.

They say good guys only win in the movies. I guess that is true ... but doesn’t it all depend on the time frame?What you have accomplished will not be forgotten and who comes next behind you has a very big pair of shoes to fill.I have never been so inspired, for I know and appreciate what leadership is. Thank you.

I will wake up tomorrow a better person for having watched and learned from your grace and wisdom. May you two wonderful people enjoy what life has next in store for you have made us proud and we will never forget you.

Godspeed Mitt ... I am so sorrowful that our nation did not choose to let you shine once again, as you have so many times before.
Phil Chmieleski


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