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Longboat Key Tuesday, Nov. 20, 2012 5 years ago

Letters to the Editor


+ I consider this election a win for the people
Dear Editor:

I must comment on your editorial of Nov. 15.

“Liberty lost, Statism (whatever that is) won.”

My perception of the national election, which your paper ignores (except in editorial form), is that the following won: women’s reproductive rights, separation of church and state, equal rights for minorities (LGBT’s); preservation of public broadcasting; Planned Parenthood; FEMA; affordable access to health care (a right rather that a privilege); Medicare as we know and love; and a rational next Supreme Court nominee.
Al Tripodi
Longboat Key

+ Why not a toll to use Gulf of Mexico Drive?
Dear Editor:

Graham Forbes recently submitted a letter on the high traffic patterns on Gulf of Mexico Drive; the danger created by the excessive speeds on this road for Longboat Key as a retirement community; and the use of GMD by a high percentage of the traffic as a “cut through/short cut” from Sarasota to spots in the Bradenton area. I have been a neighbor of Graham’s for several years and completely understand and support his commentary and the need for some solution. I would add that perhaps another solution might be the use of reduced speed limits, at least during the day from 6 a.m. util 6 p.m., or perhaps to impose a “toll” for non-Longboat Key residents not in possession of an appropriate permit for access (similar to the bridge charge imposed by Boca Grande for access to the island). I am suggesting to create a hassle factor to use GMD and thereby reduce the daily traffic from cut-through and truck traffic and to ideally make for a safer travel experience on Longboat Key, whether you are traveling by car, foot or bike. I believe some correction is needed before our new season gets under way.
Norm Cavedo
Longboat Key 


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