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Siesta Key Wednesday, Nov. 21, 2012 5 years ago

Letters to the Editor


+ Siesta Key offers a great playground
Dear Editor:

I see a lot of reporting on the budget of the Siesta Beach renovation. I see in responses to the renovation, many people question the need for a playground at Siesta Beach. I think people are under the impression that the renovation is adding a new playground. I want to remind people there is already a playground at Siesta Beach. It is the only playground on the north part of Siesta Key with an area for children over 5 years old. It is the most heavily-used playground on Siesta Key. The playground is located within the picnic area, under the pine trees, and provides a welcome respite from the heat.

So, please come to Siesta Beach with your children and use the playground. Let’s make sure the renovation doesn’t eliminate the most popular playground for families and visitors on Siesta Key.
Patrick Bossman
Siesta Key

+ An open letter to Gov. Romney
 Dear Editor:

Thank you, Gov. Romney, and your courageous and gracious wife, Ann. You withstood a virulent and scurrilous assault on your successful life, the beautiful family you have raised and your belief in God. Yet, you stood tall and fought valiantly to the very end. I am proud to have fought with you.

They say good guys only win in the movies. I guess that is true ... but doesn’t it all depend on the time frame?What you have accomplished will not be forgotten, and who comes next behind you has a big pair of shoes to fill.I have never been so inspired, for I know and appreciate what leadership is. Thank you. I will wake up tomorrow a better person for having watched and learned from your grace and wisdom. May you two wonderful people enjoy what life has next in store for you. You have made us proud and we will never forget you.

Godspeed, Mitt ... I am so sorrowful that our nation did not choose to let you shine once again, as you have so many times before.
Phil Chmieleski

+ Consider the election a win for the people
Dear Editor:

I must comment on your Nov. 15 editorial. “Liberty lost, Statism (whatever that is) won.”

My perception of the national election, which your paper ignores (except in editorial form), is that the following won: women’s reproductive rights; separation of church and state; equal rights for minorities (LGBT’s); preservation of public broadcasting; Planned Parenthood; FEMA; affordable access to health care (a right not a privilege); Medicare as we know it; and a rational Supreme Court nominee.
Al Tripodi
Longboat Key


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