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Longboat Key Wednesday, Nov. 28, 2012 5 years ago

Letters to the Editor


+ IPOC should sue Longboat Key Club and Resort parties
Dear Editor:

The emails exchanged between Mayor Jim Brown and Gene Jaleski (Nov. 22 Longboat Observer) shines a spotlight on the key unresolved issue in this debacle:

This mess should have never happened.

The Town Commission and its legal advisers — and, of course, Longboat Key Club — knew, or should have known, that the project they were promoting was unlawful. Yet, they proceeded to put us, the Key residents, through three years of heartache, anxiety and huge expenses.

Having the court derail its egregious assault on our system is certainly gratifying, but it is not enough.

IPOC ought to pursue all lawful avenues to recover our costs, as well as urge the court to levy substantial punitive damages against these irresponsible miscreants to ensure such shenanigans never again take place in our community.

Fred D. Ross
Longboat Key

+ The Grinch paid a visit to St. Armands Circle
Dear Editor:

The Grinch that stole Christmas must have placed his used Christmas decorations on St Armands Circle. Although this may be a fairy tale, our sincere thanks need to go again to our fiscally responsible city leaders. After all, they have demonstrated their fiscal and intelligent leadership via other major efforts in our city, such as repositioning and then removing the parking meters; making sure we get our monies’ worth creating the $1.5 million mooring field; marking off parking areas and, of course, removing the marks; selling off public properties at a loss; turning down higher bids for the public garage and accepting a lower bid, and well, you get the picture.

Now, we have Christmas decorations that have worn out with age, propped up by wire and caution tape, tied to our beautiful statues, (sorry John Ringling), bushes and whatever was handy. The white electric tape wrapped around the bulbs actually looks OK blowing in the wind compared to the red ribbons flying off the wires. Ugh!

Oh well, just another story for our citizens and tourists to talk about.

I am pledging a donation of $1 to start a fund to replace the decorations. It’s the least I could do in light of our fiscal dilemma. We have to keep up appearances! I know everyone will pitch in to help our poor city. 

Happy Holidays!
Leon B. Warshaw

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