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East County Wednesday, Dec. 12, 2012 5 years ago

Letters to the Editor


+ A proud marching band parent’s perspective
Dear Editor:

“Mom, there’s a meeting tonight, and I want to sign-up for marching band.”

Little did I know that my child just committed herself to a program that would teach her many life’s lessons. Not just learning how to play a mellophone or reading sheet music but real-life lessons of being accountable of her time; the history of music; becoming a leader; balancing school work and performance schedules; comradely and respect for others; learning the pains of defeat; the ability of brushing off and picking oneself up again; the lesson of winning as a team; and, finally, friendships that they will take with them for a lifetime!
Everyone plays an intricate part of the marching band. The final product of the show has many hands involved to be successful. They include a director and staff who have a love of music, teenagers and also endless patience. A successful band will have students who excel in academics, are self-motivated and committed to their peers and directors.

A booster committee is set up to boost the marching band students financially and support them in the areas that are needed. Areas include money for uniforms, equipment trailers, props, fundraising, color guard flags, snacks and water and recruiting volunteers. If one of these areas is deficient, it is nearly impossible to make it as a marching band or to finals.

The eagerness, the willingness and the time commitment that our directors, students and volunteering parents sign up for is put forth the moment of conception of the show all of the way to semifinals and, ultimately, to finals. This year’s show named “JOY” was just that — a joy to be a part of and a joy to watch.
Over the past few months I have watched a group of teenagers and band directors turn songs into a creative performance. A performance with color, movement and amazing sounds. When the nine-minute show is over, there are literally tears of joy in the stands.

As a mother, a band booster member and band volunteer, I would strongly suggest if your child asks to sign-up for marching band, say yes! Be prepared for your child to learn not only how to play an instrument but to learn life’s lessons without even knowing it. The greatest gift I have given three of my daughters and will give to one next year, was to say yes, commit my time, my expertise because I, too, have learned and gained a lifetime of respect for our music teachers, band directors, volunteers and new friendships!

Thank you to everyone who was a part of the Braden River Marching Band of Pirates 3A state champions!
Jolene Shindler
East County



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