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Sarasota Thursday, Sep. 23, 2010 7 years ago

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Charter review candidate responds

by: Kathy Bolam

Dear Editor:

In your current issue of The Sarasota Observer, your stated view of the Bolam/Dent issue was that “Bolam is taking the standard way out by blaming someone else.”

I would like to add a few more facts to the mix, and then tell me if you think I am taking the standard way out.

First, I would gain nothing if I was elected to the Charter Review Board; it is a non-paying position, and I gain nothing by pursuing this lawsuit.   

Second, I admit, I made a mistake by listening to Kathy Dent and conceding the election. Mrs. Dent did not give me pros and cons. It was one sided. Mrs. Dent only told me the reasons why a recount wasn’t necessary. She assured me that a recount would not make a difference in the outcome of the election and that the only result would be 10 to 15 additional votes.  

Third, Joe Gruters is in his first term as chairman of the Republican Party of Sarasota, and I’ll bet never before did he have to answer the question I gave him that morning. I repeated to him what Kathy Dent told me. He agreed with her. He didn’t attempt to offer an opposite viewpoint. I chalk that up to his never being asked advice on this issue before. 

After I realized the mistake I had made, I tried to correct it by rescinding the first e-mail promptly within 12 hours. When I found out how upset the voters were that there was not going to be a recount after the Monday Canvass Board meeting, I felt I must do all I can to bring it about.  

I am not representing Kathy Bolam; I am representing the voters. Who is Kathy Dent representing?    
I made the mistake, and I am paying for it. I have paid costs and attorney fees to Lobeck and Hanson out of my personal funds to have the matter corrected.

Mrs. Dent keeps referring to the law. I have yet to see a law that said she could not accept my rescission. She refers to a court case that involves an entirely different situation. Judges rule on situations, and that becomes a precedent, not a law. Only our legislators can make law.  

If the recount occurs, that would give the supervisor of elections a great pat on the back and prove the accuracy and credibility of the election board.

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