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Longboat Key Wednesday, Nov. 27, 2013 3 years ago

Letter to the Editor

by: Weldon Frost

+ Significant piece of news deserves attention
Dear Editor:
In the lower left-hand corner of this week’s Longboat Observer (Nov. 21) there is a very significant bit of news concerning recent formal opinion regarding your publication. Congratulations to you, Lisa and to your highly competent staff.

From time to time I have sent you various scratchings containing my own views and opinions on matters of national or local importance, and you have graciously printed quite a few of them. Thanks for giving me the personal pride for having been published by the finest weekly newspaper in the nation.

Weldon G. Frost
Longboat Key

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Please email your letters to Managing Editor Kurt Schultheis at [email protected]. Letters pertaining to local issues are given priority. Editor reserves the right to edit and condense letters for space.


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