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Sarasota Thursday, Mar. 8, 2012 5 years ago

Letter to the Editor


+ An increase in parking fines would be a deterrent
Dear Editor:

Mayor Suzanne Atwell’s absurd comment regarding the removal of the parking meters is reflective of her disjunctive attitude toward how best to spend the city’s monies. “We’re going back to the way it was before we implemented the system” … Duh! Before we implemented the system, the city had additional funds nearing $600,000. It seems to me that the best and least expensive way to enforce parking policy is to increase revenues by simply increasing penalties. A $25 parking ticket is merely a slap on the wrist to potential offenders. A likely deterrent would be a more substantial fine and signage reflecting those steep fines. Employees of downtown businesses would be more diligent in opting to use alternative parking sources rather than street parking, and patrons of those businesses would be more attuned to parking within the prescribed time limits.
John F. Caragiulo, PA

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